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What Makes a Good Tablet for Students?

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For many students, educational supplies, course fees, and managing a study budget mean that saving on the cost of buying an expensive all-purpose laptop by purchasing a tablet is a very real option.

Educational supplies, and other study materials can end up costing a lot. In many cases, they can cost more than the actual course fees. A great way to save a lot of money on the cost of your working machine is by buying a tablet. You can even save on the cost of buying a smartphone, if you really want. Yes, there are a number of people who use their tablet to make those important calls. With Skype and VOIP video calling on the increase, using a tablet to make those video calls can be very pleasurable. Considering that even the most expensive tablets cost less than half of the cost of an all-purpose, buying a tablet that replaces what a laptop delivers for you, is a very good way to save money. Not all tablets are the same, and so what makes a good tablet for a student?

Getting around

Let’s say you are getting around between your business courses and work, or even just a number of lectures during the day, for example,a tablet that is lightweight is a real comfort. This is another reason why you want a tablet over a laptop. Laptops can get very bulky, especially when you need to put them in your bag, and get them out again, just about every hour. Tablets win hands down here. Some tablets are heavier than others, but weight issues are not really a problem.

Battery life

Most tablets come loaded with battery life. Just like a smartphone they run on ARM processors. These processors simplify the calculations needed to do all tasks, and therefore, they use less power. Never take the manufacturer’s claim on battery life for granted. This is normally calculated for simple usage, and not heavy browsing or video calling. Do some research on how long the battery will really last depending on how you use. Applications are available to help you charge and discharge your battery properly. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation after purchase. Not charging or using your battery in those first crucial few cycles will have a long-term impact on battery life.


Apps make the tablet what it is. There is an application for everything. Make sure you know what applications will be available for the model and make you are considering. Remember, Google is always there to help with a bundle of apps, and they are growing in number at exponential rates. They run on all operating systems, regardless. Chrome is still the fastest browser and I would love to see it for other tablet operating systems.

Operating system.

Your operating system will determine a lot of things when you use your tablet. For example, if you use the very cheap Kindle Fire, you will be limited to what is available from Amazon. This might not be the best choice for students. On the other hand, Windows 8 is about to be on the market and will run on all devices. If you are used to Windows, and are looking for a smoother option with thousands of applications becoming available, this will be a great choice. The number of manufacturers that will produce machines for Windows will mean there are going to be some very good deals on the market very soon. If you are a diehard Apple fan, there is only one choice.


Will your tablet come with a multitude of accessories? Third party manufacturers started making accessories for Apple iPads even before they were released. A vertical stand and a keyboard will allow you to write essays as if you were using a laptop. Can you connect a keyboard and a mouse? Because that is really the biggest issue for all students.You are not just a casual Internet browser.

Screen size and resolution

You are going to work for hours at a time. The best tablets are designed to be readers at the same time. They have much better matt-screen resolution. This is extremely important because you will be reading and writing for long periods. A screen big enough so you don’t feel like you are peering into another face will be very important.

A tablet cannot replace the most powerful laptops. Laptops have become more like desktops, anyway. Assess your real needs, and it is highly likely you can save a lot of money by buying a tablet over another expensive device.

9 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Tablet for Students?

  1. One thing that I would like to include is ease of use of the Operating System. These tablets are mainly targeted at young students who would never prefer complicated products.

  2. Its just like a small lappy.We can do the things like email checking,reading etc on the tab that is not easy on the laptops also due to some other factors.So tablet is the nice option for the students.

  3. I think that battery life and number of applications can be a decisive factor while choosing the most suitable tablet for you.

  4. I’m thinking about buying a tablet myself, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to work with so many apps that a laptop does. What kind of tablet do you recommend? (I don’t care about resolution, I care about RAM and whatever I need to work with more than 5 apps in the same time.)

  5. Agree with a poster above. The battery life is about the biggest deal. Some tablets drain batteries very quickly. All of the other factors listed become trivial if you’re tablet runs out of juice.

  6. Unfortunately, you can’t do much with a tablet as you can with a laptop. The only good thing with the tablet is its weight factor.

  7. Battery life and application in a tablet is very big deal. There are lot of free software to reduce battery consumption. Lots of tablet users complain are quick battery drain. Tablets are very useful nowadays by means of education. Using this technology, students and kids must have proper guidance by their parents or guardian so that they may able to focus on learning. Learning through playing is good but it must need a proper guidance.

  8. Being in a rush , it’s rather important to find a proper tool, that could support you all day long -store your data, provide access to the internet. A tablet is good way out, it’s easy-to-use, portable and economical.

  9. Apps is the most important. The more accessible to as many apps possible is important tool for a student.

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