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There are still a select few who have been able to resist the temptation to board the social media bandwagon but for most of us, the temptation proved to be too great. A lot of us now rely on our news feeds, packed with information that is either useful or useless. Despite our love for social media, there are still a few things that irk even the most seasoned user.

Just because we are hidden behind a veil of anonymity does not mean that we have to leave our etiquette behind. Here are a few things to avoid posting on Facebook, regardless of whether you are on your computer or mobile phone.

Vague emotional updates

There are a lot of people who use their Facebook page as an outlet but you are not supposed to use it as a diary. Stop posting how you feel several times throughout the day especially if you are a bit down. More often than not, when asked about it, the poster will say that they do not want to talk about it. Which begs the question: why did you post it to begin with?

Too much information

You want to tell the world how you partied hard last weekend after working really hard. That’s nice and I bet you deserved your nights out but please, refrain from telling your Facebook friends about it while you are still inebriated. With so many people wielding smartphones, the drunken Facebook post is almost inevitable but please, steel yourself. You are bound to wake up the morning after only to see the garbled updates and bad photos you posted. Want to save yourself from potential humiliation? Wait until the night is done.

The lonely link

The internet has given us the power to find even the most obscure yet fascinating articles or photos but posting a link to it without so much as a title will not prompt your friends to check it out. At the least, write a title and if you really want to share it, write a few lines regarding what it is.

Incessant Instagramming

Food does not look nice when photographed and subjected to the various filters Instagram has available, and this is a fact. Along that vein, there really is no need to post photos of every meal you eat and every little thing your pet does. Photos are supposed to capture special moments, not mundane things that happen every day.

Repeated memes

Everyone gets a laugh from memes, be it a grumpy cat or a dog on the phone. When you see a meme that has been posted my multiple friends in one day, take it as a sign that you are not supposed to re-post it anymore. Considering how many people have posted it before you, it is likely that the whole internet community has already seen it. Post something new instead of something you’ve already seen five times today.

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  1. Impressive article. I totally agree with you here. Facebook and even Twitter are great places to find opportunities and meet new people. But instead people use it to bully around and whine about their problems. I think the key here is to be nice and make connections.

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