Optimization Tips for your Website’s Landing Page

With the increasing usage of the Internet in recent times, organizations have taken greatly to marketing their wares/services on a virtual platform. From websites to SEO, email marketing to link-building, we’ve witnessed them all. Landing pages, or a lead capture page, is one such technique that’s created with the intention of generating market awareness. Said landing page […]

Apprising the ‘PinAlerts Tool’ for Pinterest

If you are a business that uses Pinterest to promote it, PinAlerts is a must-have tool for you. It is helpful in many different ways. A lot of businesses use Pinterest to communicate with potential customers. There was no way to measure the success of Pinterest campaigns until May, 2012. With the launch of PinAlerts Beta, businesses got […]

Sony’s New 10-inch Xperia Tablet – First Look

January 20, 2013 marked the day on which Japanese electronics giant Sony joined the 10-inch tablet bandwagon with its new 10.1-inch ‘Xperia Tablet Z’. The Tablet Z succeeds the previous 9.4-inch Android-powered Xperia Tablet S that was launched in the second half of 2012. Though the Xperia Tablet S scored well in terms of performance […]

Social Media Tools that Promote Business Growth

In our modern age and time businesses have inculcated a new medium of communicating and the new digital tool age that they engage in are enabling them to achieve increased efficiency by putting in minimal yet strategic efforts that have a long standing impact on their operations and value proposition and the tools that social […]

Intel’s AZ210 Smartphone Review

The AZ210 is an Intel Smart Phone manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Gigabyte. The A5X, Snapdragon S4 and Tegra 3 are the current generation of micro processors powering different brands of smart phones. It is time to add Intel’s Medfield Chip to the list. The AZ210 is the first smart phone to be released […]

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