Simple Tricks to Mastering Social Media Marketing

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Social media is a constant in millions of people’s daily life across the globe. Whether it is checking status updates at Facebook or the latest tweets on Twitter, everyone is connected via social media in some way. Because of the instant connection, businesses have found that social media is the perfect way to connect with consumers. With access to millions of people with a click of the mouse, many businesses have grown exponentially by using social media as a marketing tool.


There are many ways to use social media as a marketing tool. Every business is different and will find new and unique ways to benefit the particular industry of the business. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can benefit all companies no matter what type of industry you work in. Below are a few options to consider when using social media to market your business.

Posting Times

When posting important status updates, contests, tweets and more, be sure to post at premium times. You want to be able to catch consumers while they are not busy. There are prime times throughout the day when Facebook and Twitter users will be online so they will be sure to see your post. During the morning hours, 8:30 am seems to be an appropriate time s users are on their way to work or back from dropping kids off at school.

12 to 1pm is a great time for the lunch crowd and 5 to 6pm is the perfect time to catch users after they are home from work. 10pm seems to be a peak time as well as this is when everyone winds down and gets ready for bed, checking social media accounts before doing so. Posting at these peak times will ensure that your posts are seen and shared.

Research Your Competitors

It is important to stay on top of the competition. Be sure to research your competitors online social media accounts. Do not copy any material they post but be mindful of what is popular. If a competitor posts a contest that gets a lot of attention, you will want to create a contest as well to keep your brand recognized. Staying on top of the competitors allows you to continue to be a competitor and not second best.

Respond to Social Media Chatter

It is also important to make sure that your social media accounts are interactive. If you have a Twitter account, respond back to tweets about or to your business. On Facebook, respond to inquiries or Comments, especially comments on statuses you post. This will make consumers see that you are involved and that you care about their comments.

Overall, it is important to be involved. Researching, staying on top of your industry as well as maintaining your social media profiles will be an excellent starting point for your social media campaign. You can also create a strategy with social media masters to help you get your business off on the right foot when it comes to social media structure.

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