Using WordPress to Have a Professional Looking Weight Loss Site in Less than $100

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If you have ever broached on the topic of weight loss businesses then you will understand that the cost and labor involved in maintaining a website for your weight loss business can equal to thousands of dollars. For weight loss businesses that are small to medium scale, this kind of cost may cripple it.

In the aspect of web design for your online weight loss business, designers can charge an exorbitant amount for a mere few tweaks which add to the piling cost of your business.

A professional looking site for $100 or less:

There is a way that you can have a professional looking and sleek website for your weight loss company that won’t cost you anything more than 100 dollars a year.  This is one of the best kept secrets by a lot of web designers and they will probably never tell you. Using Word Press can significantly lower your cost of making your website, doing changes to it and keeping it up to date.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is basically a Content Management System(CMS) that gives every person a set of tools to create a website without the need of programming knowledge and expertise on website development. A lot are not privy to the flexible tools that WordPress offers however, aside from blog creation you can personally create a highly sophisticated website and the only cost you will ever incur is from your hosting service and domain registration. WordPress is based on the principle of user-friendliness and you can rely on its ease of access to let you create a weight loss website that is easy to maintain and professional.

Benefits of using WordPress for a Weight Loss business

1. User friendly SEO Tools

For those who are not familiar with SEO it means Search Engine Optimization. It is all about ranking high on search engine results for your keywords and receive qualified traffic to your website. WordPress gives you many easy to use plugins that help you optimize your posts for your chosen keywords.

2. Content Management System similar to a Word Processor

WordPress CMS helps you manage, edit, delete your posts and content as if you were using a popular document editing tool like MS Word. In contrast to other custom made solutions, such as, WordPress CMS much easier to use.

3. Thousands of plugins for virtually every operation

WordPress was developed by a group of programming enthusiasts who have been pioneering in innovative add-ons and plugins for the web. These will give you access to many useful features such as widgets, themes and additional tools that make your site interesting and interactive. The best part is that all these are offered free of charge. There is no need to order any custom feature for your website. There are thousands of plugins and you are certain to find the plugin you need for any operation. For example, if you need to create pagination in your blog you only just need to search Google for“Plugin for pagination” and you will see a number of options you can just download and install in our site from the Admin area.

4. A helpful community of existing users

There are hundreds of helpful how-to’s and basics on WordPress that will help you with the design and conceptualization of your weight loss website. You can also ask questions on the community forums and someone will surely provide you with answers that you seek as well as helpful advice. Your lack of experience and novice status will not derail you from maximizing your use of WordPress to create a Weight Loss website that is profitable and outstanding.

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