How to Choose Colors and Fonts that Fit Your Brand

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When you have a product or service, you want people to notice and easily recognize it. Corporate branding is one way of making your business known and attracting more customers. If you have a brand for your product, people will know about the seller and will cultivate trust towards your products and services.


In order to make your brand attractive and visible to your target market, you need to choose the right and appropriate colors and fonts to symbolize your business. You also need to pick a name that is easy to remember and an image that will set your brand apart from others. Choosing colors and fonts that fit your brand plays a vital role in making your brand image unique. You must carefully plan and layout your projected branding so that it will be easily marketable and recognizable.

The choice of colors and fonts will all depend on your personality and the kind of products and services that you are selling.

Some of the popular colors and their meanings

  • blue – authority, integrity, peace, loyalty, intelligence
  • orange – determination, force, success, vitality, productivity
  • green – growth, nature, optimism, youth, relaxation
  • red – passion, action, desire, power, love
  • yellow – happiness, warmth, energy, warning
  • purple – mystery, wealth, spirituality, royalty, ambition
  • pink – soft, tender, romantic, cute, delicate, happy, exciting, youthful, spirited, trendy
  • black – powerful, mystery, elegant, dramatic, strength, expensive
  • white – pure, clean, simplicity, clarity, airy, innocent, silent

Keep your color choices to a maximum of 2 colors. If your market is for baby clothes, you might opt for light blue and light pink. While if your target are professionals, you may choose dark blue or red.

With regards to the choice of font styles, it also plays an important role in making your brand more unique. After choosing the best name to represent your company, the font styles should also match the products and services being offered, and the type of target customers. Customers must receive what they want so they will keep on coming back to you. Choose fonts that are readable and look modern and stylish. Be consistent with your theme as you develop and create your brand’s image. You may combine serif and sans serif font styles to make it more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. You can also vary the weights and styles of the wordings so that it will not be boring.

Choosing the right colors and image should also be in correlation with your client’s inclinations and character. Be sure to give your customers their needs and know how to enchant them. If you are working with a web designer, you must be able to give a clear picture of how you want your brand to look like because nobody else knows your company better than yourself.

Corporate branding is a very important and useful step in making your brand visible and recognized. Choose the best fonts and colors so that you can represent your company very well, and people will be attracted to use your products and services. Doing this crucial step requires you to undergo a special process, and it will be quicker with the help of web designers. If you are able to formulate and develop a solid brand for your company, it will lead to establishment of trust among customers together with growth, success and profit to your business.

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