Best 10 Tips for Designing e-Commerce Website

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With emergence of internet, we are living in such kind era where everything can be purchase or sell out online. However, in the same context e-commerce website has been developed to promote online shopping which incorporates entire solution, flexibility and ease of shopping to perform through the comfort of living room.


It is possible that most of the time the e-commerce web designers make some blunders in subject to design or tends an element to miss out that must be encompassed in the e-commerce website design.

Furthermore, everyone among us is well versed with lack of patience in online customers. It is stated that the first 3-4 seconds of a new visit over a site determined the website fate. In case of e-commerce websites, the fate of site may be upgraded up to 1 minute. But, if the customers are not familiar and comfortable with website design covering aspect of website look, features or navigation, then definitely the site progress will goes down rather than of improvise at top. Therefore, it is highly recommended to create an eye-catchy, tempting and fabulous website design that not only keeps online customers stick with your online shopping site but also compel them to buy more and more products.

Now, moving ahead with post let’s take a look over best top 10 worthy tips for designing an e-commerce site at a glance –

Spick and Span Interface

Nowadays, people look for extreme flexibility and comfort in every aspect surprisingly in case of website too. The information they look for must be visible at first sight and complimented with optimum contrast. Those days has been absolutely abolished when they love to regard website interface accompanied with innumerable stuffs. So, now it is highly obligatory to retain the neat and clean look to site ensuring appealing pages containing links for specific pages.

Uncompromising Website Speed

The internet users not supposed to hold patience towards waiting for a webpage to open. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid integration of heavy elements into the website like Flash design which lowers the site speed. So, you are required to implement HTML5 or CSS that ensure flawless operation.

Noticeable Shopping Cart


While designing an e-Commerce site, a noticeable shopping cart must be encompassed which retain its presence from start to end of shopping. Also, it should be capable to showcase the added products at a glance.

Optimized ‘Add to Cart’ Button


It would be best practice to name ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ transforming them into call-to-action button instead of assigning ‘view more’ or ‘more details’ as it reveals distinct message to customers.

Affable Search Box


People never wish to see ‘no result found’. Therefore, you are supposed to integrated auto-complete search function that predicts concerned word as user type in the box. Also, it is suggested to ask the user to browse through other categories in case no matching keyword found.

Improved Navigation


When there is e-Commerce site, then obviously it will encompass plethora of distinct categories, sub-categories of products. Thus, creating navigation paths that assists the customers to designate the right and desired products will be verily a wise idea to implement.

Instant View of Product Detail


The potential customers who visit your site won’t go to click each and every product toward exploring the details and description. So, it is advisable to embed a quick view option simple in account of hovering the mouse over each item.

Product Image Magnifier


It would be ever a best idea and decision to embed the functionality of analyzing larger images or 3D view or distinct thumbnails through process of mouse hovering for the products.

Variations in Product Display


A product like shirt might be available in distinct colors and size. So, you should expose the entire variation in systematic arrangement of display facilitating users to choose accordingly.

Responsive Design of e-Commerce Site


This is the precise method to make your e-commerce site accessible flawlessly even in lack of creating distinct design of page that sustain other mobile and computing devices like iPhone, Tablet, Android and others..

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