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Ask me Application is referred to as the “Baap of All Apps”, And I entirely agree with this tagline. It is one particular app, that can easily work as a replacement for most of your apps and has multiple attributes.


Ask Me is developed by Getit Infoservices private limited and is backed by the well-known Bollywood Star, Ranbir Kapoor.

About AskMe:

AskMe is an android application which can be use as resource to get information on any company in your locality. You can even post classified ads. All these features of AskMe are totally free of cost. The recent upgraded version of AskMe app only requires 3.1 MB on your phone storage and can replace most of your apps which are similar to askme.

AskMe Features:

Ask Me app provides its users a wide range of attributes. Some of those features are listed below –

  • Are you really planning to buy a vehicle, just use this application once and get the greatest deals on cars.
  • Would you like to put money into some real estate, Ask Me can explain to you the very best property.
  • Add photographs and reviews about the areas you loved seeing, and share them with your pals so they could likewise have exactly the same experience.
  • Would you want to understand about a business before using there services. People merely read the reviews but on Askme there are reviews on every businesses so people can check that before going further.
  • You may also can contact any company’s owner by directly sending them a SMS, an e-mail, Skype, or even can connect them on Facebook or Twitter.

Do you want to visit some place?, Plan your travel with Ask me now and appreciate your journey.

Since this application provides the users with such lots of attributes, I would like to rate this application a score on 4.8/5 on app characteristics.

AskMe Functionality:

The app is updated on a regular basis to make the user experience delightful. The recent upgrade for AskMe completed on 16th July 2014. Few minor bugs have been removed by the recent update and also the developers added some new exciting and popular bargains on a lot of product.

User Help and Support:

There were some minor bugs in the preceding version of the app, but as a result of the hard working developer team of AskMe, malfunctions and all those bugs are perfectly removed now. The application works with android 2.2 version and above. This shows that the app works nicely with even mobiles with low android version.

Also in between using this application you came across any questions then you can easily connect with the 24*7 customer support team of Askme and get your problem solved instantly.

You can easily contact them on: 0444-444-4444 or just give a miss call to 91 -7859884841. In the event of usage, you desire to addon any certain features  or you’re might not get satisfied with any feature of AskMe, then they can be contacted easily at:

Ask Me app is very easy to download and install. Just go on to Google Play Store and download Askme Android App now.

2 thoughts on “AskMe App: The Bapp of All Apps

  1. Hii Pulkit

    As their are so many App. which are presently available in market which can do all these stuff as u mentioned earlier , but all these features and functionality are in one App. is the best thing about this App . Before the launching of App. in market this App. got much TRP from media As a famous celebrity itself launched it .
    I wishes the App. gets more add in features and be updated.

  2. Hi

    I had initially thought that this was just a marketing gimmick. But after reading your review, I get a sense that this App is really worth downloading as it addresses many many areas. And yes it is always better to have one App with great functionality than have multiple Apps and you having to search for them in your Phone. Thanks for the write up.

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