Tips to Get More Subscribers to Your Blog

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When we create a blog, all of us want traffic to our blog. It could be for various reasons: to make more sales, advertise your product or service, get more subscribers, increase your blog’s popularity and many other reasons. If you are getting 500 visitors a day and your friend is getting 100 visitors a day, it does not mean you are getting more subscribers. There are various factors influencing the traffic flow to your website.

It is all about getting the right people to your page. Here are few ways to get more subscribers to your blog:

Market your blog:

Let people know about the subscription option on your blog. Don’t expect them to subscribe to your blog just because you have subscription option. People hardly spend more than a couple of minutes when they visit your blog and they are definitely not going to take time to search and find if you provide an option to subscribe. It is important to let your visitors know you have this option.

The placement of your subscription:

Placement of your subscription options is very important. Don’t place the option in a corner of the page where it is not easily visible at a first glance. Place the icon in such a way that people can click immediately and subscribe without wasting much time in searching for the option. Have the icon or click option in a bright color so that it is not easy to miss. When the option merges with the rest of the page, many readers may not bother to check if you have an option and move on with their browsing. Make it easy to subscribe. Don’t give the readers forms to fill. Just prompt them to give their e-mail address to subscribe.

Upload or write creative or informative content:

When will a reader want to subscribe to a blog? It is only when the particular page interests him. To attract the attention of readers, you have to upload useful or creative content so that they feel like visiting your page again. Boring and cliché is not going to increase your followers. You might start noticing the difference when you upload high quality posts. Valuable content has the potential to go viral and your followers might increase overnight! Also, be consistent with your posts. Don’t upload 10 articles in a week, leave a month’s gap and upload a couple of articles again. If you think you can load only 10 a month, pace out the posts so they appear consistent.

Be interactive:

When a reader poses a question or asks for clarifications, ensure you answer them. If you are not going to be interactive with your followers, they may not be interested in coming to your page too often and might unsubscribe after a point. Create a friendly community within your blog. Thank readers for their comments and valuable feedbacks. If they criticize about any work, don’t go on a defensive. Instead, check if what they say is right and reply accordingly.

Generate traffic:

Visit other bloggers website with similar interests. Comment on other websites and back link it to your site. Make sure you provide valuable comments so that people click on the back link to visit your website. This is an excellent method to gain more visitors to your blog. Create links to generate more traffic to your blog.

These are few ways to get more subscribers to your blog.

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