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6 Handy Tips for Effective Time Management

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I’ve seen a lot of people going gung-ho after activities that don’t intend to be supportive for them to reach their respective goals; although I’m no exception.


The world is just too awesome! My friend, Sam (name changed) doesn’t have much time for anyone, but plenty of it for some garbage for no good reason. Don’t ask, what garbage.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The world is no different for some of my other peers that keep whining about the time wasted.

In business, the picture is not much away from the one before. I see managers along with their subordinates hopping on to several meetings a day without giving their hectic schedule a sigh, which is why time management is ‘visibly intangible’. There.. I just hit an Oxymoron ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Quite clearly, I feel there’s a need to transform time misuse into utilization. As an individual, it’s important for you to identify if your actions are causing you to excel or cast down. There are some simple steps to do the same. Have a look at these 6 ways to make the best use of your time –

Pen it Down

List all those things that you are supposed to do daily as a routine. Review and change your to-do list, if required. Things that you pen down may include weekly or probably monthly projects. Also include goals that are necessary for you to grow, like gaining experience, nurturing a new skill, etc.

P.S – Don’t miss out on any task or goal.

Organize the List by Time Horizon

This has never been out of trend and will never be. Start by distributing your time into different time categories. Give appropriate time to each. Prioritize your tasks. Let’s say, a five year span to achieve your career goal or the next 2 years to attain the professional growth you always wanted. Whatever you do, keep associated targets along with your primary goal.

P.S – Don’t beat around the bush while you do this, hit the dart instead.

Priorities your Objectives

So, what do you think you would be doing to start with? You could see if there’s a new product nearing its launch in your venture and start with the same. Of course, you can’t be productive entirely. Flaws are bound to happen. That’s probably why it is often said that you must jot down your objectives and classify them in ranks, so you know what needs to be done from scratch.

P.S – Keep first things first, then gradually move on to the next and so on…

Keep Tabs on your Targets

Well, let me elaborate this with an example. If I wanted to finish a book, I would first finish it up and then move forward to my next target. I would try to identify my targets and see which category each belong to. Or let’s just say if I’m assigned a task, which would need me to keep my head straight; my immediate reaction would be to get the other unimportant or low priority tasks out of the way. That’s what it meant !

Set Estimates

So, you’ve set your priorities straight. How much time do you think you are going to take to finish up? Would you track your time? Do you have an application, which could do that for you? How much time would you spare for your meetings?

Before these questions start haunting you, you must start looking for an automated application for the same. I do it with the help of an automated application, through which I’m able to set and send estimates over to clients.

Acknowledge the Flaws

Introspection is a trait, one should have. Most professionals do not consider thinking enough about their objectives and targets until situation demands. However, it’s a must-do activity one should definitely indulge in. Of course, you can’t do everything right. Flaws should be identified and acknowledged at the earliest, to make sure they are not repeated.

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