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The main tool of google is google search engine and this is not news to anyone. The Google search engine practically monopolizes all searches conducted on the Internet. And it did not happen by chance. In 1996 when it launched the Google search, it brought a completely new concept in searches, ranking the relevance of the pages not only by the amount of times the searched keyword appeared on the site, but several other factors contributed to a page that appeared in top of the search list. But that alone is not enough to conquer the world.

They sought much more, always innovating and providing free services and quality. In this list I tried to put all relevant services possible.

It is a repository of 3D models produced with the tool used in SketchUp and Google Earth.

  • Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a simple way to search for scholarly literature comprehensively. You can search across many disciplines and sources in one place, peer-reviewed papers, books, abstracts and articles from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint publications, universities and other scholarly organizations.

Google search with results optimized for the visually impaired and blind. Still in testing phase.

Allows the user access to various mechanisms and tools through a Google account authentication.

  • Google Accounts

Accessing Accounts you have easier access to tools and settings dives to Google services.

  • Google AdWords

Online Advertising Program Google. Those sponsored links that appear when doing a search.

  • Google Adsense

AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video advertisements on their websites.

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant results from Google (web, news, etc..) Based on terms or topics that you define.

Google Analytics is a web analytics solution to stamp business that gives you a great view of the traffic and the efficiency of marketing your website. Advanced features, flexible and easy to use allow you to see and analyze traffic data in a whole new way.

Former service questions and answers, much like the familiar Yahoo Answers. Sevice is disabled, but you can search the existing issues.
  • Google Apps

It is a suite of on-line in any reliable and safe workplace. Aimed at business groups, schools or even families. Allows an optimization of the entities in the organization and its management, without using much resource in IT.

  • Blogger

Tool for creating, editing and hosting of blogs.

Search engine blogs.

  • Google Bookmarks

Works like the option of your browser favorites, however virtually hosted. The advantage is that you can visit your favorites being in any location and can also synchronize bookmarks with your Google browser.

Search millions of books from libraries and publishers around the world with Google Books. Discover a new favorite or an old classic.

  • Buzz

Buzz works as RSS aggregator with social networking features and full integration with Google services.

  • Google Calendar

An online calendar with various options such as sharing, access via cell phone, among others.

  • Catalogs

Is a search service offered by Google that lets you search for products in catalogs from various stores.

  • Google CheckOut

Is a processing service purchases from Google, like PayPal Both buyers and sellers can register.

  • Google Click to Call

This is a new service to be used on smartphones, cell phones, etc … When you do a google search for the person has the option to click a link to make the connection directly to the business or desired location.

  • Google Chrome

Simple and fast web browser, I recommend. Supporter for many years then I shifted to FireFox. But in my opinion is the best browser Chrome today.

Repository of source code.

Searching for your desktop and gadgets.

  • Google Directory

Search site for a list of different categories.

Office applications (like MS Office) online. In addition to viewing you can also save your files in several formats.

  • Google Earth

Google Earth is a computer program developed and distributed by Google whose function is to present a three-dimensional model of the globe constructed from a mosaic of satellite images obtained from several sources, aerial images and 3D GIS.

  • FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a site that provides several tools to help optimize and disseminate the RSS on your website or blog.

  • Google Language Tools

Advanced search with translation in several languages.

News and financial information.
  • Google Friend Connect

Friend Connect is a tool geared to those who have websites or blogs. With it you awakens and strengthens the community that visits your site, enriching it with social characteristics.

  • Gmail

E-mail service from Google.

Online ads for non Profit sins.

  • Google Groups

The Google Groups service is free for online communities and discussion groups.

  • Google GSA

Search service for intranet or web sites.

Drinks under the brand name Google. It is not yet available.

  • iGoogle

It is a personalized Google page where the user adds news, photos, weather and everything you want in your web page.

  • Search History

Service that stores the entire history of its use on the Web. To use you just need to register.

Logos of holidays on the home page of Google search.

Image Search Service.

  • Insights

With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns in regions, categories, time periods and specific properties.

  • Jaiku

Microblogging service similar to Twitter.

  • Google Jobs

Want to work at Google?

  • Knol

Knol is an encyclopedia on the Internet, Google’s project, whose content is generated by users, with topics ranging from scientific concepts, to medical information, from geographical and historical information to entertainment, from product information to generic instructions.

  • Google Labs

Google Labs is Google’s site for production of new technologies or services that are being developed by the company. It’s a good area to be visited by anyone looking for news.

  • Google Maps

Street maps and satellite images from around the world. It includes many services such as choice of route, Street View and more…

Google Mars is a service similar to Google Maps, what changes is only the fact of the photos are from the surface of Mars. The service is offered by the company Google.
You can view both as if viewing the planet through a telescope as two other forms rendered. One is colorized topography and other fume in infrared.

  • Google Merchant Center

It is a place where you can upload data from their products on Google, and make them available through Google Shopping and other Google services.

  • Google Mini

Google server for small, medium and large companies. Has the search engine installed to 300 000 to 1.5 million documents. The price ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 50,000, with support and free upgrades for two years.

  • Google Mobile

It is a service that provides access to some of the many features of Google via a mobile device. These include Gmail, search for sites and images, and Google Maps. Basically can be accessed through a mobile phone, however, Google Mobile, can be viewed from any device that has a connection to the Internet and a browser “WAP”.

Google Moon allows viewing of the moon in 8 zoom options. You can see the whole face of the moon and see where the ships landed on the NASA missions that have been to the Moon (Apollo 11, Apollo 12, etc.)..

Information about major cinemas of India and the world, movie poster, synopsis and more.

It is a news portal which aims at the main news of the world. Everything is done by an algorithm and no human interaction with the system.

  • Google Notebook

A notebook online accessible anywhere at anytime.

  • Orkut

Social network that has been very interesting. In a distant past.

  • Google Pacman

Play Pacman on the home screen of Google.

  • Google Pack

Package of free applications listed by Google. Enter and download.

  • Google Patent Search

Catalog of over 7 million patents registered in the U.S.. Very interesting.

  • Google Custom Search

With the Google Custom Search, you can use the power of Google to create a customized search experience for your site.

Picasa is a computer program that includes editing digital photographs, and whose primary function is to organize digital photo collection on the computer in order to facilitate the search for specific photos by user software.

  • Picasa Web

Picasa Web is a free Google service for storing and sharing photos on the internet. It has full integration with the computer program of the same name, Picasa, at its option Web Albums, the photo albums synchronizing with the online sites.

  • Google Places

Sign locations or businesses that appear on Google Maps

Tariffed service from the Google security e-mail in which register any e-mail and take advantage of various tools.

  • Product Search

It is a service offered by the company Google that allows you to search by product, make price comparisons. Currently the service is only available to users in the U.S..

Space online to create your free software project: SVN and bug editor, wiki and choose the license.

  • Google Reader

It’s an online application offered by the company Google that has a function of feed reader (RSS). The service is characterized by having an interface – GUI – clear and objective, fact also found in other departments of the company.

  • Google URL Shortener
Google URL Shortener is a service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to share.
  • Google Search

Service’s by which it is best-known company Google. The search engine Google.

  • Google Sets

Try entering several words to search and verify that the Google can establish a connection between them.

  • Google Sitemap

Google Webmaster Tools provides detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google.

  • Google Sites

Google Sites is an easy and free way to create and share webpages. With several templates and tools makes life much easier for those who want to create a website but do not know much HTML.

  • Google SketchUp

SketchUp is a proprietary software for creating 3D models in computer.

  • Special Searches

Special searches are aimed at Apple, Microsoft, Linux, BSD, Universities and the American government.

  • Google Spreadsheets

The first real challenge Google in the world of online Office applications provides basic functions of Excel. Are spreadsheets with controls similar to those of Office. CSV and XLS formats are supported by the application.

  • Google Store

Google company store that sells all kinds of brand products.

  • Google Suggest

An extension of traditional search tool with a feature that suggests names from which the user types into the search field. The user can enter incomplete terms and the system identifies the relevance and “auto-complete” the term to be searched or suggest a refinement in the search performed.

  • Google Support

Help system of all Google services.

  • Google Talk

Tool instant messaging and VoIP similar to MSN Messenger or Skype.

Is an additional tool available for major browsers on the market. It allows fast access to key functions and Google sites.

Plan a trip using public transportation.

The Google Translate is a free virtual service company Google Inc. of instant translation of text websites.

  • Google Transliteration

Google Transliteration lets you type phonetically using Roman characters. Just enter a word like it sounds in English and Transliteration Google to convert into the local language such as Hindi, Greek, Arabic.

  • Google Trends

Lets see what are the most popular web sites and not just the most searched terms.

  • Google Video

Service similar to YouTube, a site for uploading and viewing videos.

  • Wave

This is a web platform that is intended to unite the characteristics of services such as email, instant messaging, wikis and social networking in a unique environment, running from any browser on any operating system.

Center webmaster tools with various information and resources.

  • Web Toolkit

Software Google was not developed using the most common programming languages, but through a system designed to work with all web browsers on the market. Can benefit from these tools with the Java development toolkit.

Video-sharing site best known in the world.

  • Google Zeitgeist

A list of the most searched words on Google for years.

Hope the list will be usefull to you and Do remind me if i have left any of them.

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