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SEO Extension For Google Chrome

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Google Chrome already has more than 4,000 extensions in repository to browser Chrome and extension for RSS for example, is one of the most popular!

Chrome SEO Extension, developed by Sean Bannister, allows you to easily access the basic tools for optimization and verification of direct SEO web browser and generates several interesting results SEO in a very convenient.

Optimize sites for search engines is burdensome, because never has a limit to stop or a point x where everything has already been fully optimized, so much more attention to the news better.

It’s now easier to search SEO keyword , backlink check, pageranks, etc..

Features of Google Chrome SEO Tools:

  • Displays traffic graphs
  • Detects and Robots.txt Sitemap.xml

Resources already launched

  • Tool Search keywords (Alpha)
  • Highlight NoFollow links
  • The number of pages indexed
  • The number of Backlinks
  • Current traffic and Rankings
  • Social Bookmark account
  • Cached versions of the page
  • Domain Details such as DNS, IP, Whois Server Location

LINK – SEO Extension

10 thoughts on “SEO Extension For Google Chrome

  1. More will use this extension =)

  2. Oh! I am extremely sorry that I missed this post. I was not aware that you have written on the same topic…because even I have written on this. The difference is that mine is a list of 5 Chrome extensions for SEO.
    Btw, Chrome SEO is an excellent extension, and I just love it.

  3. nice list , i think now i have to move to chrome until now i used firefox

  4. Useful extension which helpful for me a lot,Thanking you for your write up…

  5. I will test them with Chrome. But I have no plans to move to Chrome from Firefox as I am in love with Firefox.

  6. Thanks for sharing this info. Really chrome is beating firefox’s market like anything.

    Please you also post your income report like I posted and others like shoutmeloud ect posting.

    This helps newbie bloggers too much

  7. Thanks, i am not a regular user of Chrome

  8. I am using it, it one heck of a chrome extension one must fix

  9. Hi Isha, I use the SEO Site Tools extension for Chrome. It has everything that Chrome SEO has and it’s faster because you don’t have to click on it to see the Google Page Rank. I’m a big fan of Chrome.

  10. i am using it isha , its really a great tool

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