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Official Google Blog announced the approval of all VoIP calls with Gmail account.

With a simple click you can call via Internet to any phone number after you install a special plugin , and the rates seem to be very inviting . The service is already active for U.S. and Canadian users, who can talk for free !

Those who have a number provided by nomadic GVoice can use the service with the ID of the call. Will shortly be available for other countries.

Check out some sample per-minute rates

Google Leading internet telephony provider
United States free 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
Canada free 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
India 6 ¢/min 9.2 ¢/min + connection fee
UK landline 2 ¢/min 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
UK mobile 18 ¢/min 25.3 ¢/min + connection fee
Mexico landline 10 ¢/min 9.9 ¢/min + connection fee
Mexico mobile 19 ¢/min 33.6 ¢/min + connection fee
France landline 2 ¢/min 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
France mobile 15 ¢/min 20.3 ¢/min + connection fee

Here’s the video of the launch:)

What you think of this feature? Is goole is challenging Skype?

6 thoughts on “VoIP calls with Gmail

  1. Yes this is a challenge for skype from Google. But I don’t think they can win this. I am skype user and I must tell onething, Skype is really awesome in voice clarity, picture clarity and video clarity. So why do i choose not to use this?

  2. Google is trying hard for things other than search engine . Let see what will happen can they win with skype

  3. Hey, thanks for this post, i had heard about this feature, but didn’t know where the option was in gmail. Now the screenshot in this post helped me find the call option! 🙂

    First time in this blog, interesting one & helpful on certain aspects 🙂

    1. glad this blog helped you.. Thanls for your comment here.. Keep visting for more valuable updates.

  4. Thanking you for providing the valuable info…

  5. I enjoyed watching the video, like it! This is going to make me hooked logging on to my Gmail account. I’ve used Yahoo Voice and I’m trying all VoIP since I am miles away from my family.

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