Why To Have A Blog?

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Blogs are becoming more popular. Maybe you even begin to think about whether to have one. But why, what for? What to write? Here are some reasons to start a blog!

To express thoughts and opinions

Blogging is sort of like an open diary that anyone could read. You can share your opinions and feelings, no one can stop you. Feel free to say what you mean! This is the place to put it all out!

To connect with people

People who read your blog faithfully follow and you will do it because they share the same beliefs and values you have. Then, get a blog will help you connect with people and make new friends! This is very interesting!

To stay in touch with friends and family

With school and work in everyday life getting in the way it can be difficult to keep in touch with friends and family. A blog will provide you a place to keep everyone updated on events in your life. You can publish and share videos, photos, stories and more via blogging!

Make money

While it is important to note that you will not be rolling in wealth just by having a blog, it is worth mentioning that you can make money doing it! ! With patience and dedication you can make a little extra money through advertising and other income generating activities on your blog!

Establish Yourself

Blogs are wonderful tools to help you establish yourself as an expert in a field or topic. For example, if you’re trying to get a job in a specific area or hoping to publish a book on a specific theme, blogs can help to legitimize your knowledge and expand your online presence.

To help people

Many blogs are written to help people who may be going through similar situations that the blogger has experienced. Many blogs are there to welcome a new blogger in blog sphere.

To have fun

Many people start a blog just for fun. One of the most important keys to a successful blog is to have a passion about a topic so that it can be a passionate and enthusiastic people. Some of the best and most interesting blogs began as blogs were written just for fun and to give a blogger creative outlet!

I personally think a blog is a great source of entertainment. It’s almost a “mirror” of the what you feels.:) Start one, I’m sure you’ll like it!

And do you have a blog? What is your reason to have it?

17 thoughts on “Why To Have A Blog?

  1. Good points there, Isha.

  2. Isha, good points. With Blogging we not only give to others, we too get exposure and learn new things. With Blogging we will get perfection, fame and more.

    I love blogging, and encourage people to blog.


  3. Hey Isha, most people these days are blogging for quick money. But if they don’t make it, they just are just leaving their blog and move on something else without knowing the fact that blogging will help you earn huge money online. Anyway, thanks for writing an useful article.

    1. That explains why many blogs are dying after just a few months. Many people think making money online is easy and just submitting a few posts there is enough. If they don’t have a long term plan, they are wasting money for hosting and domain fees.

      1. yes. so, we should show the right path to new bloggers, and also encourage people to start blogging….

  4. The Best part of Blogging is it makes us connect with our friends and earn money by sharing the information we know!

    But starting a blog on commercial thought (for earning money) will alway let people to step down from it.

    Blog for people to share your knowledge and then money will automatically follow you!

    1. yes, blogging provide us with much more than money… so, the thought of earning money led to crash of blogging carrier….

  5. These are the same reasons why I started Blogging!Thanks for sharing!

  6. having a blog is most important at this time becuase it offers you to inteact with new people and create a knowledge base of information that you like to know.

  7. Great list isha for letting the people know what they can achieve through Blogging.

  8. Hi Isha,

    Thanks for the article,I think it is an addiction that captured most of the online Geeks.It’s not only money making medium also a wonderful medium to share your views.

  9. Hi Isha

    All the reason you listed were absolutely right why we should have a blog. However, we should have a plan and purposes for our blog to develop it. I dont think everyone just creat a blog and said it is just for fun, It will make your blog die after few months. Anyway, thanks for your sharing

    Nice to meet you.

  10. Blogging could be a way of expression for Students so it is good to have a Blog

  11. There are many reason why we should jump in blogoshere and I see lots of people now are waiting for money from that :-P.

    That is first comment on your blog 😛

  12. I completely agree with writer’s concern.I use several blogs as well as other avenues to promote my business. First we have to choose a good blogging host. There are several free ones.Thanks for sharing.

  13. There may be many other reasons, but blogging is mainly done as a means for getting fame and also for helping others. Nice points listed in the article.

  14. most of people like to have blog just for money only nothing else.

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