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You must have faced a situations where you find good things to read and comment on a blog. But your comments has not been published or deleted. I too faced the same situations many time and started analyzing the problem. I myself  encourage readers to comment in articles, but not each of them are published. In this article I stated some points which help you to comment properly and increase your chances for your comment to be posted.

Comments Increase the quality of articles of a blog. But we must add a word with the phrase “good comments” increase the quality of the articles of a blog. The comments that are not published is due to the fault of commentator and not the blog administrator.

This article is to show the kinds of comments that are unlikely to be published. If you avoid them, you have greater chances of  your comment to be published. This is important because commenting on other blogs is also a way of promotion and building links to your site.

Let’s look up to the things to be avoided while commenting  on other blogs.

Comments With Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

“What a wonderfull artical, You are super writer.”

It is essential that the articles are well written, respecting all rules of the English Language. The same goes for the comments you write. If the article’s author takes such care, he hardly publish a comment with errors in English. This can affect the original article.

To avoid such mistakes, there are a few tips:

  • Read a lot and read good texts, including books and magazines.
  • Reread what you wrote before posting the comment.
  • Use tools to check spelling, such as Windows Live Writer.
  • Make a writing course.

Comments Which Offend The Author Or Other Commentators

“The guy who wrote the above comment is an ignorant!”

Respect is essential, both to the author of the article as well with the other commentators. Disagreeing is one thing, but lacking with respect is another. So even if you disagree with what was said, make a comment in a respectful manner, without insult or disrespect anyone.

Comments That Add Nothing To The Article.

I like it!

When writing a comment, spend more than two or three words. If you liked, say what you liked. If you do not like it, support your answer. A comment like the above is unlikely to be published.

Comments Unrelated To The Article.

“Nice design of the blog. How you made it?”

The comments should only address the issue of the article. If you want to ask a question, suggest an article, advertise on the blog or any other matter, other areas of use for the blog, do contact blog administrator through email or social networks.

Of course there are extreme cases, where the blogger does not provide other contact, that the comment is the only way out. But do this only when really needed.

Comments Clearly Written To Promote A Product Or Service

“This Is really cool! Check Out www.abc.com”

Comments so almost ridiculous. Hardly an administrator will allow such a comment on the blog. Particularly, I see nothing wrong with you using a comment to publicize your blog, since it is well written, add something to it and is signed properly. In other words: Do not place your link in the text, use the signature to it (“Name / URL” or “OpenID”).

Comments With Links To The Articles

“I really liked the article and already using the google +1 button on my blog. See how I did it in www.abc.com/add-google-1-button.”

This comment is very similar to the previous item, but less risky. But rarely published a comment like that. If you want to make a link to your article, my recommendation is to contact the author and make a request. He/She may really like what you wrote and link your article as a supplement. Another option is to use, where permitted, a link to your article in the signature.

Comments With Requests To Visit Or To Follow

“Wow, what interesting ways to advertise your blog on Twitter! Follow me www.twitter.com/abc.”

Comments asking to follow on Twitter, visit the blog, make money, buy the product or the like are unlikely to be published. Unless the author has asked, For example, for people to leave the addresses of the visitors to the blogs they know them.

Again, if you want to publicize your blog or social network in the commentary, do so by signing it correctly.

Comments Requesting Response By Email

“I got an error while designing my blog. Reply me by e-mail admin@abc.com.”

Not frequently but I get comments with relevant questions, but asking for me to respond via e-mail. Comments like this until they are published, but the response is not given in the comment itself (unless I ask for the person to send me an e-mail).

When you leave a comment on a blog, it’s you who has the obligation to return there to see if the author replied – or not.

The comments shown above are all fictional examples, but based on actual comments I have received. Avoid them is simple: you have common sense in commenting on any blog. Doing so is a good chance that your comment is published. And if you’re an expert commentator, certainly attract the attention of the blog owner, which will end by visiting the blog and even seeking closer contact.

Is there any other kinds of comments you do not like to see on your blog? Leave a comment (more than two words please! Lol).

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