Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

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Cloud storage is almost a must for anyone who uses their Android phone for anything more than just playing silly games to pass the time or doodling in an app of some kind.


If you use your android phone for business, you need to be able to store stuff in a cloud and these are the 10 apps that are the best at this.


Dropbox is one of the oldest cloud storage services and it is now available for your android phone as well. It offers a wide range of different services and packages for a variety of users, from consumers to professionals who can all share and edit important docs and email attachments directly. Dropbox currently gives the users 2GB of cloud storage space.


Box is an android cloud storage app that is mainly aimed at businesses and larger units and teams who are in need of sharing and collaborating on projects that can be stored in a cloud. However, this does not preclude you from becoming a personal user and to get 5GB of free storage space.

Google Drive

Google Drive is so much more than just a cloud storage app for your android phone but we cannot deny the fact that it does this very well indeed. Google Drive is more of a workstation than a single app and it provides you with 15GB of free cloud storage space.


Cubby is yet another cloud storage app that can be used on android phones and which can be used to store photos, documents and even movies. You can access it from anywhere and you can share folders and files with your friends. You can get 5GB of storage space for free on Cubby.


Mega is a storage service that allows you to upload, browse files, create folders, search and much, much more. It provides you with a huge amount of storage space that will be all yours, perfectly safe and secure – 50GB!


SkyDrive is another cloud storage app for android phones and it allows the users to store their files and then access them from any place and any device while on the move. It is a very simple app to use and it provides you with 7 GB of free space.

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a relatively new service that will provide you with 5 GB that you can use to store all of your files. You can also use the auto-upload feature that saves your images to the personal cloud automatically.

Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud is another relatively new app for Android which is used for back up and accessing of the files in the cloud. It allows you to have your own private cloud storage and helps you share your data easily with your friends. You get only 500MB of free storage space, however.

Zip Cloud

Zip Cloud is a very interesting app for cloud storage as it is incredibly light and quick to use on your android device. It also provides you with unlimited storage space.


SugarSync is a cloud storage app for Android which sets itself apart by allowing simultaneous upload of different files and background work that allows you to use your device for other things while uploading to the cloud. You get 5GB with SugerSync.

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