Pinterest Copycats – Where’s it Headed?

The Pinterest-ization of the Internet is changing how we research and buy stuff. What we see is what we like, and we’re quick to share among our friends and networks. And sometimes, maybe, we even buy the stuff ourselves. That’s the angle viewed in the GigaOm article on new social commerce startups â€‹like new shopping startup Wanelo […]

Apprising the ‘PinAlerts Tool’ for Pinterest

If you are a business that uses Pinterest to promote it, PinAlerts is a must-have tool for you. It is helpful in many different ways. A lot of businesses use Pinterest to communicate with potential customers. There was no way to measure the success of Pinterest campaigns until May, 2012. With the launch of PinAlerts Beta, businesses got […]

Pinterest is Much More than Just Window Shopping Site

Pinterest is the next social media site that has recently created a craze amongst the social media users. Pinterest with its varied categories can drive quite a sufficient amount of traffic to any site. It has topics and tips from all genre and subject under the sun. Do you know that this latest social networking […]

Apps To Help You Analyze Your Pinterest Power

Development of Apps has made our life much easier. Now to perform any task we do not need to go on a website just an installed app can do all your work from managing your business, knowing what your employees are doing, playing games, locating the nearest eating place, managing your social media profiles, checking […]

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