The Newbie’s Guide to Free Database Software

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Free database software is just like other commercial databases in terms of function. The only difference of course, is they are free.


This explains why they are very popular not just with small businesses but even large companies looking for a cost effective but efficient means to handle data.

An In Depth Look at Free Database Programs

Some database programs, even the free ones, may seem complicated, but they are actually very easy to define. These are applications that manage, store and collect information for retrieval and use later on. The information in a database program is kept in table like the ones you see on a spreadsheet. Every table on a database has rows or records and also columns or fields.


This simple set up allows you to look up information and data on the database quickly and without any trouble. In addition, you can easily update the data and have it reflected on all the records, rather than go through it one by one. Another reason why you will want to use a free database program is it can make and produce reports based on your records. You can for instance, filter the database so only certain fields are shown, and then you can print those out.

More Benefits of Database Programs

Another reason why people like to use these free programs is they have extensive search functions. You can search for various parameters like your client’s name, by address, city and so on. The searches you can do depends on the fields you make. The more fields there are, the more flexible your search options will be. In addition, a single database can have several tables that are linked together. Linked tables provide you with even more options when it comes to filtering and searching.

Types of Database Systems

Different types of database systems are now available, and the most widely used are SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 and many others. By far the most popular today is MySQL, which is an open source server. This system is used by NASA and some of the biggest companies in the world like Yahoo, the Associated Press and Suzuki among others. There are many reasons why MySQL is so popular, not the least of which is that it is very powerful and can handle large amounts of data. Also, MySQL is platform independent, able to run on Windows, the Mac, Linux and UNIX.

MySQL also has a simplified architectural design so it is easy to understand and use. In addition, the database can be customized to suit the need of different businesses and companies.

Another well-known database is PostgreSQL. This is another powerful system that can run on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Solaris and other operating systems. Like MySQL this is also open source. It has support for different types of data like bit strings, enum, geometric primitives and many more.

BerkeleyDB is also known for its high level of customizability and management features. Like other popular database programs, it is open source and can run on Windows, Mac OS and other operating systems.

The need to use free database software is increasing as businesses expand and grow. If you are among those that need to handle a lot of data and looking for stability, it’s about time you took a look at one of these.

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