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Maintaining business success on the internet is difficult, because you will be facing competitions from the worldwide market. Today, businesses and individual potential customers look up the internet before they decide to deal with you. Everyone desires to make sure that they are dealing with genuine people. This is the reason why the reputation of your online business must be protected.


Research studies have reported that 80% of clients are persuaded by suggestions displayed on social platform regarding products and services, and only 14% believe in advertisements. Internet has fetched plenty of freedom for spreading of information instantly and globally. Those people having grudges can be heard all around the world, without media getting involved. Issues regarding brands are taken notice of not just in your own market niche, but also across the country.

Media stories may not be always true, but remember false information spread faster than truth, which has the potential to damage your brand reputation. From a purely financial viewpoint, good reputation assists you in getting more clients which will help you in making money and growing influence. It is something tangible, to be proud of and feel good.

Online business either small or big needs to get recognition far and wide. So many businesses are applying online reputation management strategies to protect their brand name. This aspect needs to be considered closely, assuming that you may have heard or read about reputation issues. When users search your name, they will be presented with your entire data, but are you sure about the accuracy of such representations? Does it accurately say who and what you are? Is that information obsolete? Are you regarded with the same credibility as your peers? How does their status weigh against yours?

These days, a recording of stupidity on smartphones can hang around incessantly on the net. For example, if an employee can get careless, say something wrong, the recording will be visible on search engines ceaselessly. If you are building a reputation either personally or related to your business, then you will need to involve in taking care of it and protecting it, if necessary.

Important steps to monitor as well as defend your brand and reputation

  • Step1 – Gain knowledge on how social media podiums work. Understand how to use popular media like FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace. Get familiar with these platforms by reading their terms and conditions. Take some time to watch and recognize how people are making use of these social media channels.
  • Step2 – Social media has not just thousands but millions of users, so do not assume that it will not damage your name. Users might comprise of your clients, who are columnists, public figures, influencers, and bloggers. These people are tweeting about companies. Maybe about yours? It becomes necessary to find out if their chat is positive or negative for you or your business.
  • Step3 – Be proactive to defend your trademark. You can do this in several ways. First register your trade name with different social media channels. In this manner, your brand is saved from getting skyjacked by an unknown person.
  • Step4 – Create a plan for your company that notifies and educates the staff. The company policy will have guidelines of how to use social media – what to say and what not to discuss, when it is about the company. In addition, the company policy must include a backup plan to follow, especially in case of crisis.
  • Step5 – Be alert. Monitor social platforms regularly. Ignorance is not forgiven. It is vital to know, when someone is chatting about you and your brand – Be it good, bad or ugly.
  • Step6 – Sometimes things written about you or your business may be negative but embrace it, when considered necessary. The social media platforms are the places where discussions regarding the situation are done in public, so be willing to accept the negative conversations. It will give you better integrity with other clients.

Free monitoring tools:

  • Google Alerts – Google alerts you, when you come in search, or if your brand is mentioned on Google News, Videos, Search engines, and Groups.
  • Twitter – Search tool available on Twitter displays, what is tweeted that resembles your search inquiry.
  • Monitor This – Monitor-This keeps watch on more than 20 search engine feeds.
  • Technorati – This tool notifies if your brand is mentioned in Blogosphere.

Social media offers plenty of marketing benefits like creating awareness and testimonials. However, it is necessary to remain cautious towards your reputation and trademark. If you do not have the time, then consider outsourcing the job before deceptive activities actually wipe away your marketing investments – corrodes the brand and reputation as well as ruptures your customer trust.

The author is an expert on online reputation management, and she also likes to share his knowledge on his blog posts. You could check out their website today to learn more about how they can help you safeguard your business and brand reputation online.

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