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Landing Page: The Cornerstone for Effective Marketing

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Landing page lies at the core needs of a successful online campaign. The very first page which opens up to a customer when he/she enters the website address is the landing page. This is the page which acts like an introductory page to the visitor, through which the audience forms an opinion and make a judgement about the website and its content. The landing page holds importance as it is the page through which the casual browsers are converted into the high paying lot of customers. Thus creating an engaging landing page is the sole objective of each and every website. Go through the article to gain a lot of valuable information about the landing page and its related aspects.

Tips for creating a successful landing page


Landing page must have a professional edge to it

The landing page to a website must be written in the same manner in which a sales letter is written. The professional approach should be adopted while jotting down the content for the landing page. The objective should not be to indulge in a hard sale or just being determined to make the sales; instead the focus should be to make the readers aware with the products and services one is offering and entice the readers with the same.

Creating custom landing pages

Landing pages are not restricted to one. Instead one can create multiple landing pages keeping into consideration the needs and types of visitors. The prime objective of a landing page is to bridge the gap between the reference source and the website, by providing the visitors with each and every piece of information that is required by them.

A consistent creative design

The web design of the landing page should go in sync with the campaign on the website. At no point the visitors should perceive the website as being too loud or too subtle in relation to the theme of the website. There must be a concrete nexus between the web design and the information and theme of the website.

Clarity of the landing page

A landing page which is built with clarity is well applauded and appreciated by the audience. The clarity simply hits on the fact that the website should not be armed with any sort of unnecessary facts or figures which deviates the readers and the visitors from the topic concerned. The landing page should encourage the readers to read the content and not to beat the bush.

Presence of white space on the landing page


A landing page which is squeezed with the contents, often make the readers feel pity and lazy. The ideal landing page always contains the desired percentage of the white space, so as to provide the readers with an urge to read the content placed on the website. According to standards, each landing page should possess at least twenty percent of white space to lodge in more of the readers.

The landing page is the window through which the visitors peep inside the website. It thus becomes an essential condition to keep the window clean, embellished with necessary information and free of any kind of stressful navigation, so as to give the readers a comfortable stay.

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