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Social media blogs—that is, blogs that focus on social media information and trends—have been especially helpful to people who are trying to promote themselves and their businesses on a budget. Bloggers who are trying to make money off of their “expertise” tend to gravitate towards these hubs in the hopes that they would get the kind of edge they need over their competition.


It’s really no surprise, then, that blogs such as these tend to be extremely popular. When people realize that having vanity handles and URLs—which basically are the toll free numbers of the Internet—on Facebook, Twitter, and other such sites is only the tip of the iceberg, they flock to information that they think will help them maximize their accounts. But there are so many social media blogs online; how are we to know which ones will REALLY be worth reading? There are two ways you can go about it.

You either use Google or read on.


Online presence authority Jeff Bullas runs one of the most famous social media blogs today, which just goes to show how committed he is to the concept of making yourself well-known over the Internet. The primary focus of his blog is to get everyone to see what needs to be done and understood when we want people to find us through the World Wide Web. If you’re serious about your online marketing efforts, you’d be silly to NOT have checked out Bullas’ blog by now because it’s a veritable goldmine of useful information. In fact, he’s possibly one of the most popular “social media guru” out there.


If you type the URL above, you’ll be taken to the blog arm of the site “Social Media Boom”. There, you’ll find some of the most easy-to-digest information focusing on how one can leverage social media efforts to benefit online reputation. It may not exactly look like one of the most impressive social media blogs out there, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t give you quick and easy tips that can get you promoting like a champ in no time. Kim Garst is a well-known social media expert whose focus so clearly goes beyond being an authority; you get the feeling that she genuinely wants you to learn.


If you want more “substantial” discussions on social media with some focus on blogging, then Heidi Cohen will probably be your best friend. With very specific and detailed tips for utilizing your social media presence, especially in the context of being a blogger, this site is definitely one of the social media blogs that every blog owner must take the time to read. Cohen’s emphasis on making her tips actionable is what makes her insights extremely valuable to many people. Her experience in and passion for creating marketable content often shines through in her posts—and it’s a bonus for readers.

There are, of course, many other social media blogs out there. But if you really want to get the most value for your effort, then you need to make sure that the time you’re investing in learning more about social media sites is well spent. That’s why it’s important that you be choosy with your resources.

Do you have a favorite social media blog? How has it helped you with your efforts?

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