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Writing is not an easy task, even in the situation when we have  to write about what our readers like. There are many who have the privilege of being great writers, who can please any reader. But even with the great skill, it’s not possible to cater everybody. Readers of our blogs prefer to read a specific content in your blog. You know what your readers actually want to see on your blog? Learn how you can find out the interest of the readers, so you can satisfy them.

As everyone knows, it is impossible to please all readers of our blogs to an article, so we create content that can satisfy each of our readers. But for this you need to know what your visitors would like to read your blog, and what content they most admire and prefer to see. You may be posting on a subject that is not of interest to its readers, leading them not access your blog, or not interact. If you still have no idea what your visitors want to read on your blog, it’s time to find out.

Why is it so important to understand what your visitors like to read in your blog?

When writing an article, you’re probably trying to please your readers. The concern is: “Will my readers will enjoy this article?” “ll it will help several people with the publication?”. You will only know that answer, if you know your readers and their tastes. There are many readers demanding and difficult to please, but you can please everyone. There will be a lot of them prefer to read certain content, and few others will prefer reading something different from most. Each has a taste but you can satisfy all your readers. It’s time for you to know the readers of your blog, so you can please everyone. Learn how you can discover the tastes and preferences of your readers.

Make polls.

Polls are the easiest ways to find out what your visitors really want to read in your blog. A simple poll asked “What content would you like us to approach our next article?” already give you an idea of what your visitors really want to read in your blog, and you do not waste time writing posts that will not become popular. If you prefer, you can make a page just to polls, article, or put it in the sidebar of your blog. Either means will generate good reviews.

Analyze the most talked about and praised articles.

Obviously, the items most commented and thanked with visitors, will be those that they most liked to read. We do not often praise an article when it is bad, or do not like to read it. When you see the items in your visitors interact more, you can create new posts covering topics similar to these articles that were well accepted by your audience. Just be careful not to override it, and publish daily articles only on this particular subject. Diversify, but also give your visitors like.

Use social networks to question.

As we always say here, social networks, certainly, will bring more interaction between you and your readers. They may make you and your fans contact you directly. You can enjoy it, to ask them what they most love to read in your blog, and what new content you could address. This is a quick and simple way to collect a large number of reviews of loyal readers of your blog. Try this type of contact, you can get a good result with this research.

See what articles are most widely read by readers.

To enjoy a post, it is common for readers to disclose their social networks, so that a larger number of people may have the pleasure to meet you. Your readers will not disclose the posts that they dislike. See the number of disclosures that each of your posts have, and look for those that most were released. By having a list of these posts, you know what your visitors like best to read in your blog, and this may cause you to address issues of gender in the blog. However, not always the most publicized posts will be the best. There may be many posts that were not disclosed to the readers, and are of great quality. This happens often because the post is not well known, or because it was published in the first days of life blog.

Try to address issues never used before by you in your articles.

Often your visitors are not sure what content they prefer to read in your blog. They may like a certain content, but to see something new that you can now enjoy and admire them more. If your blog is with little interaction, few comments, try creating a new content, innovate. Write on a sheet of paper some content related to your blog, but you never wrote about them and see if you can create a quality article on that topic. Who knows, you may bring some commentators to your blog in order to read the contents again. Think also of the possibility of creating a series of articles, they create a good acceptance, and also more loyal readers to your blog.

Also try checking the articles rejected by most readers.

Check the items that were rejected by visitors, or receiving no interaction, can give you an idea of what your visitors do not like. Given the very content that pleases visitors, you already know what not to write, or write less frequently. If the content is not interesting to your reader, not worth it to publish it. Nobody takes a content in the air wanting to satisfy himself, and yes, a group of people who may be interested in your writing.

You already know what your readers really want to read in your blog?

This is a difficult task to accomplish, so it is necessary to examine various factors to know what your visitors really want to read on your blog. Following the above tips, you can learn more about visitors, and what they care about.

Do you have another method to get to know your readers? Share it with us!

8 thoughts on “Find Out What Readers Want To Read In Your Blog

  1. Very well …. Conducting polls is a best way to know what readers want 🙂 Also the most interacted articles can be considered next to polls

  2. I would like to add some more points
    1. You can contact the top commentator and ask his opinion about your blog.
    2. You can welcome feedbacks and complains.
    3. Starting a poll (I am repeating this cuz it’s really the best way to find what the readers want) 😉

    Nice post Isha…cheers 🙂

    1. Agree with your points Praveen, Providing feedback and complaints may also help out. Btw thanks for your valuable comment.

  3. for me , I use the “average time on page” from google analytics to give me an indication if visitors liked the content or not.
    Comments and thank you’s are good indicators as well (like you mentioned).

    for this one “Also try checking the articles rejected by most readers”, I think it is really hard to tell, specially if you’re linking to other articles within the article, because if another article catches the interest of a visitor, most likely he/she won’t give any feedback to the current article.
    I hope I didn’t get you confused 🙂

    Thanks for the post

    1. So, that means article is not of much interest to grab the attention of the reader. If reader finds any article to be valuable they will surely give feedback or takes some actions with that. Btw analysing with google analytics is also a good idea.

  4. Hey there like Kuwiat I also use google analytics to find out if my visitors like my site. If not they leave pretty fast:(
    Most of the blog sites I see are very low quality, I cant honestly say this one is the best. But it is definitely up there =)
    Keep up the good work

  5. all these tips are really very useful awesome article………:)

  6. I’ve always waffled on the best blogging schedule. I like your advice to pick a schedule and stick to it.

    I’m also going to check out your link on how to improve a blog’s internal search. I think that’s something that would help my blog quite a bit.

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