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Quick and Brief Discussion on SEO for On-Page

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vast topic with in-depth details of every feature. The people that are not familiar with the details of SEO and are beginner in this field can take help from a short and quick discussion about optimizing their web page.


It is possible to quickly optimize one web page using the given instructions and you can use the same process to optimize other pages of your website.

Focus on Keywords and Add in Page Title

Firstly, you need to focus on the list of the words that you will use for your website and are relevant to your product or business. Select the words that will most likely attract people and make them do what you want from them. For your website, you need to pick one phrase or word and use it for one page. These words are basically referred to as keywords. It is important to put these words in the main title of the page because all search engines including Google evaluate the page title to determine the content on a web page. However, you should use a short keyword or phrase for the title, so that people can easily search the content and information they are looking for.

Use the Keywords in URL and Meta data

Keywords play a significant role in making successful SEO of your website. Apart from the page title, you should also add the keywords in the URL text of the web page since it also helps in determining the content of your web page on search engines. It is possible to add the keyword or phrase either in the HTML file or directory structure. The Meta data of the page includes the description and keywords that may not be very important, but still add up for better SEO. Keep the meta data brief and to the point by making it readable for the users and focus on adding the description and keyword.

Include Keywords in H1 Text and Page Content

The small details of your web page need to use your selected keyword to improve the SEO of your website and make it popular on search engines. Search engines give importance to words used in the H1 text that is usually the heading of your web page or the article title. Therefore, it is necessary to use your keyword in the H1 text. Also, the addition of keyword in the content of your page directs the search engines to your web page and it will appear in the search results of the search engine. You should not force your keyword in the text or content, but use it naturally to make it readable for users.

Monitor and Track Your Web Page Progress

Once you are able to follow the given instructions, then you should give some time to the search engines to perform their task. Keep monitoring and tracking your progress and ranking on the search engines. After some time, you will see noticeable changes in the ranking of your web page.

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  1. Hi Yes and there are good plugins in WordPress to ensure that your keyword is prominent. I use SEO Yoast.

  2. I agree with above onpage tips, but not only these tips inner linking and sitemap submission also boost the seo rankings.

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