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Ten Reasons Your Site Is Not Ranking on Google

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The #1 reason is that the World Wide Web progresses together with Google, which makes the leading search engine hugely significant. Additionally, it boasts of the following feats.

  • It obtains approximately 7.2 billion page views each day.
  • There are around 87.8 billion searches on its sites each month.
  • Google.com has an estimated 620 million visitors every day.
  • It offers several services (e.g. email, video, language translate, etc.) and tools (e.g. Chrome Web Browser, Android, Google Earth, etc.).
  • In June 2011, the Google+ project came out. By January 2011, which is seven months after its launch, it already has around 90 million members.

This information is enough to show you the importance of ranking well on Google.

Why should you rank high?

With the facts that millions of individuals use Google to find their needs and that they tend to click on links or websites found on the first and second pages, your site has to be one of the first few that they come across.

What happens if you are on the fourth or sixth page?

Assuming that you have a low ranking, there is a huge likely that they are not going to find your site or webpage. Fortunately, some people are patient enough to check out the third and fourth result pages. Then again, you should not rely on this slim possibility.

By now, you are probably wondering what you are doing wrong, right? To end your musing, check this out.

The Things You May be Doing Wrong

1. You have less or no idea on which words to rank for

If you are new to SEO, you may have little knowledge about proper keyword use. Hence, your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign may be off to a bad start.

SOLUTION: Find out which search terms your target users are typing in to look for their needs. While doing so, make sure that you choose phrases relevant to your niche.

2. You are not working actively

By “actively”, it means that you are constantly analyzing and modifying your methods, so you can keep up with the Web’s changes and emerging trends. If you do not ensure this, you will find your site in the bottom.

SOLUTION: Always research and study the latest SEO strategies. Then, learn to make them work to your advantage.

3. Your website does not have content

So, you have product images and short descriptions. However, they are not enough to optimize your webpage. And, even if your target users happen to spot your site, they will not be satisfied with mere pictures.

SOLUTION: If you want to get the favour of Google, you need to combine photos and interesting information. Moreover, do not forget to incorporate relevant phrases.

4. You think SEO is one-time

If you stop working on your website’s optimization thinking that you are already successful, you are wrong. Google and the rest of the virtual world keep on advancing. If you do not keep up, you will not succeed.

SOLUTION: Do not stop modifying your site and implementing new techniques.

5. Your Web design is a failure

If you are asking in what ways it can fail, look for these aspects: slow loading time, no social syndication, low-quality onsite optimization, and broken links. If they are present on your website, attracting attention is impossible.

SOLUTION: Work on a presentable and professional-looking design and layout. If you have little idea about this, you can seek assistance from experts.

6. You love shortcuts

You may think that filling your site with duplicate content and linking to several websites can help you rank. On the contrary, it may just ban your site from Google.

SOLUTION: Work hard on your site. Come up with original and informative articles rather than pasting available content from other sites. Additionally, earn links from reputable websites in your industry.

7. You lack investment

By investment, it can mean your energy, time, and dedication. If you lack these elements, you already know the answer – very poor ranking.

SOLUTION: Pour in all your effort on website improvement and optimization. Additionally, take time to post new content. If you are managing a blog site, keep track of comments or feedbacks from the readers (as well as other bloggers) and respond to their questions (if there are any). Whatever step you take, remember to put your heart and mind into it.

8. You lack research

Given that there are always new developments, you have to know what these are. If you choose to stick with your old tactics, your competitors will take the top spots in SERPs.

SOLUTION: Be on the lookout for the latest strategies such as listing in Google Places (especially if you have a business), combining social media activities and SEO, and using Google tools.

9. You assume that SEO does not benefit you

The fact that you have a website means that you need it.

SOLUTION: Heed the previous solutions (from 1-8).

10. You think that SEO is a miracle pill

You believe that once you optimize your site, you can already land first page. Wrong. You require other aspects too.

SOLUTION: Again, take note of the solutions in numbers 1-8.

Final Tip

After going through the pointers on this page, you will probably think that you can guarantee high ranking already. Truthfully, you will still land in the second or third pages.

However, you have nothing to worry about because your website’s improvement will be gradual. As you keep on working around your campaign and enhancing your tactics, you will soon find your domain name in the top results. So, just be patient.

10 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Your Site Is Not Ranking on Google

  1. Nice points, SEO is ongoing process and you can’t stop it if you want to dominate on search engine rankings. Sometimes your keywords are very competitive which can cause slow result but never give up and keep improving your SEO tactics, and you would achieve your result.

  2. Hi Emma,
    Unfortunately, starting the rankings of a blog or web page when you going to choose a name for your site with the right keywords, ect. A large part of SEO work is done before you post it on the internet, followed by articles, links, etc. that make your site well in the rankings.

  3. SEO is one of the most interesting topics for me, because it really has much sense for every blogger or site owner, who’d like to get success. Thanks a lot for mentioning all these things

  4. With constantly changing innovations and ideas generated through the Internet, it is easy for anybody to start up a business online. Seo is unavoidable when it comes to internet marketing.

  5. All this is painstaking if you are working individually with limited resources. That’s why others dominate over you and you feel letdown that the efforts that you do put in are not fruitful.

  6. I am also new to this field and my blog is still struggling after 3 months. The problem i identify after reading this article is that i lack research and i have to gain more knowledge in my blog niche.

  7. If you decided to create a website, then you should take care about every day and spend much on its development. And of course, it should have interesting and useful for visitors content

  8. Excellent list of reasons! Learn those by heart (and act of course) and you might get on 1st position in Google. Thank you Emma.

  9. Really good points. These are the points that we need to learn and try to implement in order to avoid Panda and Penguine

  10. I have a new site which is not ranking well in Google..thanks to your post I have found a solution to fix this issue.

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