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How Can You Gain More Followers on Your Instagram Account for Business?

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In the recent times, the social media platforms of various kinds have gained immense popularity. There are varieties of social media features which can also be doubled as a means of business promotion. Since millions of people across the globe spent considerable time on the internet, hence these platforms have the potential to get your business more and more attention from the right kind of clients. There are different types of innovative ideas that digital marketers these days come up with and if you are using Instagram, then you can make the most of some of these marketing techniques. The benefits associated with Instagram marketing make it a very wise choice for the majority of the businesses. The main aim of Instagram marketing is to establish your business as a recognized brand name in the local as well as global market.

For many business owners, the Instagram page is of immense help, and they can reap many benefits through it. There are different types of Instagram features which can help a lot with your promotional works. The Instagram page can also be used for establishing your own online store with minimum investment. Here we are going to discuss ways in which you can gain and increase the number of followers that you have on Instagram and how that can affect your business. There are different types of application and software for this purpose, but also simple and effective tricks can do the magic. The followers who are investing in your business prove to be the assets of the company, and you can easily gain a significant number of clients from Instagram marketing. That is the primary reason why even well-established businesses emphasis on having their Instagram page actively maintained.

Catchy name and logo

It is the first thing that is to be done, and that is having a well-designed logo for your brand. The logo would become the recognition factor for the brad in the future and even if your brand name is not remembered by someone they can still find you out with the help of the logo. Design a good logo that subtly gives away the name of the brand. You can also use it as the profile image for the Instagram page that you have. The name comes next, and your aim should be creating something compact and catchy enough for the customers to remember. At the same time, the name should tally with the products that you are conducting your business with and should be unique as well. You can always take inspiration from the names of well-established brands but try to create something that is entirely new to ensure it is unique and people do not confuse you with another brand.

Email marketing and subscription

The website for your business is a must, and you can easily gain more and more followers for your company when you properly promote this site. You can use the Instagram page for promoting the website that you have. For promoting the website of your business, you can easily add an email subscription tab on the site as well as provide the link for an email subscription on your Instagram bio. The email subscribers would get the newsletter of the company whenever there is some latest update to offer and hence would be able to stay updated with the most recent products that the company is coming up with. However, ensure that your newsletter is subtly made and your subscribers do not feel annoyed with the huge number of emails they receive every day from you and that in turn would lead them to unsubscribe on the long run. Also, make sure your newsletter is attractively designed and are informative enough so that your subscribers can get all the information they need about your business from the newsletter that they are receiving.


There are different types of images which are related to your business and that you can upload. Create hashtags suitable for your uploads and also look for relevant and trending hashtags. The users can add at least thirty hashtags with the image they upload and make sure that you make the most of these hashtags which you are using. The hashtags would help prospective clients to find out the images and about the company who can view you as followers for Instagram. There are different types of trending hashtags which you can find out with the help of applications for searching the best possible hashtags. The users who are looking for the images would probably come across your image while searching the Instagram with the respective hashtags. Do make sure that the hashtag that is being used is relevant to the content. There are different types of hashtags which can be used for managing your Instagram posts, and you can easily follow this hashtags and find out which is the latest trending option for you.


There are different types of social media platforms which you can use to your advantage for promoting your business. When you have a thorough idea about the various ways in which you can promote the company you can easily reap the maximum benefit from the promotional works. There are many ideas which you can implement regarding the Instagram promotion for your business. The main aim should be to establish your business as a brand through your social media promotional works. Different types of content are related to any business, and you can use them for a promotional purpose very easily. It can be concluded that if you follow the tips provided here, you can reap many benefits and get consistent traffic and resultant profit from your online business.

This Article is contributed by Harris, a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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