Making the Most of Video Conferencing

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If your business is already engaged in remote conferencing and virtual meetings in collaboration rooms then you are on the right path in keeping with progress and advancing your business along with the current trends in technology.  Part of that advancement means keeping up to date with new technology, trends and changes.

Video conferencing has moved beyond everyone watching a streaming video on a private website.  With HD televisions, surround sound, touch screens, and multi-window displays, the modern video conference can be a technological powerhouse.

Remote conferencing can help a business save time and money and can be every bit as efficient if not more so than having a conference in the traditional method.  If you haven’t heard of telepresence or remote graphics sharing then it is time you learned about it.

Telepresence is a form of video conferencing with a powerful difference.  Telepresence is configured in a way that makes everyone involved in a conference feel as if they are actually there.

Telepresence takes advantage of HD cameras and monitors and high speed network connectivity and bandwidth.  It relies on an aesthetic touch in the design of a room to simulate the physical environment of a meeting or a conference.

Telepresence has moved beyond just simply having a meeting via a video broadcast.  The marriage of robotics and teleoperation can allow for remote manipulation via telepresence meetings.  This can allow remote members to manipulate objects such as a model prototype being exhibited at a meeting or conference.

Companies that specialize in telepresence systems and operations are capable of customizing the technology to suit the needs of the business.  These specializations can allow a greater utility in telepresence, for operations such as training, design reviews, and even in the creation of immersive virtual environments.

Remote Graphics Sharing goes beyond telepresence and video conferencing.  It is a way for vibrant 3d images to be shared in high definition.  With real-time graphics manipulation users can review and manipulate the objects that are being presented.

This can be very effective in review design or research projects.  A great example of this is how remote graphics sharing has helped the medical field immensely.  Doctors have been able to remotely consult on patient information.  The high definition delivery and ability to manipulate the images has greatly benefited the ability of doctors to deliver quality care to their patients.

All this of course begs the question “At what cost?”  When video conferencing was in its infancy the cost of the technology was very exclusive.  But, as is always the case with technology, it just gets cheaper and cheaper.

There are many low cost methods for small business to host video conferences.  Some are even free, but remember the age old adage “You get what you pay for.”  Some time and money spent now can save frustration in the long end.

If you don’t have the time to install and manage your own telepresence / video conferencing suite then consider hiring a specialized firm to handle it for you.  There are many companies that specialize in just this sort of technology.  And specialists are specialists for a reason.

Keeping yourself and your business apprised of the advances and current trends in technology and business will help you stay active and competitive.  And staying active and competitive is important in the modern business world which more and more every day begins to resemble the natural order of the animal kingdom, where only the strong survive.

Stay strong.

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