State-of-the-Art Technology In The World Of Security

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All sectors of society have realized the importance of using various levels of security to protect their person, homes, businesses, computers and Smartphones from invasion.

Security on a national level requires even more sophisticated equipment to maintain a level of security from terrorism, and to monitor any suspicious activities from their citizens.

Integration of Security Methods to Fight Criminal Activity

That’s why combining technologies provides more comprehensive security. The complete range of access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, identification, and other security functions performs mutually with supportive capabilities and is being integrated with external databases so that there is a higher probability of a person’s identity being verified correctly. Here are a few examples of how security technology has helped the public fight against criminal activities:

Megapixel cameras has seen great improvement with its video capability that can handle more media information with increased storage digital units in the form of terabytes. They also provide sharper images and zoom capabilities, to capture information found on license plates.

Video surveillance technology system creates pixel-by-pixel information location,that can track an elevation and the latitude/longitude coordinates when scanning an object or a certain area.

Appliance technology, with mobile applications, can transmit GPS data if you enable it. By pressing a panic button, audio and video captured from the smart phone can be sent to the NLSS Gateway as well as support both video and audio stream from the smart phone.

Although demographic analytics was designed to be used for retail commerce managers and others with similar interests, capturing a person’s gender and age on camera can also be used for security measures to monitor activities of the average person walking on the street.

Security Integration Requirements For The 21st Century

The 21st Century brings constant threats from internal and external sources. The government must constantly monitor and prevent as many of these threats as possible using a diverse range of security systems. Many potential targets that need extra security are:

• Seaports
• Shore lines
• Large sporting events
• Airport perimeters
• Chemical manufacturing plants
• Storage facilities
• Prisons
• Gas and Oil resources
• Military buildings
• Border territories
• Rail facilities and pipelines
• Criminal threats
• Defense contractors
• Government facilities
• Education campuses
• Mainstay government buildings

A significant portion of today’s security market for big corporations targets local security at the physical level due to the increased risk they may experience. The need for multi-functional,quality,outdoor perimeter protection is growing daily. Understandably, system integrators must be more sophisticated and practical in their function tactics and in their strategies. The economic conditions have decreased the demand for all inclusive security systems. Private institutions can’t afford the complex security systems that the government can. Therefore, loans and leases of security systems is a popular choice for entrepreneurs.

The most important thing is to have a range of product solutions to customize the security system to the consumer’s needs and requirements. The consumer then gets what he needs and at an affordable price. Some customers can choose a cheaper solution with minimal decrease in performance capability. Using sensors that are fiber optic-based helps to create effective detection zones while saving the client money. Building a staged solution where only one factor to a strategy of protection can be used selectively is another possibility. The client then has the option to place additional layers of security protection as time permits. This is accomplished when hardware adapters or other integration tools are used.

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