Why You Need a Proper Office and Not Just a Laptop For Blogging

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One common misconception often propagated in the blog posts or articles talking about working from home, or making money via blogging is that you can work or blog from anywhere and at any given time. All you need is a laptop and internet connection. I won’t say that there’s something factually wrong with this statement, however it is quite simplified to say the least.

It’s true that you can sit down with your laptop at any place and work on your blog or any other kind of website, every once in a while. But you cannot simply drop the idea of having a proper workplace and try to succeed in your online money making endeavors with nothing but a laptop and internet connection.

Let’s see how this approach can be a disastrous one…

Laid Back Attitude:

Once you’ve had this in mind that you can work at any time (which is the case when you are working from home), you will be running the risk of procrastinating every now and then. You will start to waste the most productive time (early morning hours) in sleeping or watching Television, while thinking that you will make up for this time by working late at night.

Truth is that working at night when your body and mind is exhausted with all sorts of activities is certainly not a good idea. Working from home is in itself a big luxury, so you shouldn’t be asking for any more comforts or relaxations as far as work is concerned. Therefore, it’s important to get yourself a proper office and follow a proper time table like they do in offices.

Stress Factor:

No matter how expensive or hi-tech is your laptop; it cannot replace a computer with a good quality LCD screen on the table, especially if your work involves lots of browsing, reading, and writing (which is the case with blogging). You will be putting your mind and body into a lot of stress if you are spending all the time sitting in an awkward position on your couch, focusing on a relatively smaller screen, and using the touchpad or keypad excessively.

Not to take anything away from the laptops, but I personally feel that a good old PC should be your first choice to work if you are working full time on computer. And you will need a proper setup consisting of a computer table, chair and writing desk to compliment that PC, so it’s better that you get yourself a dedicated room at home with all necessary equipment.

Productivity and Focus:

Working from your living room, with your family members around might sound romantic to some, but focusing on your work will be next to impossible in such an environment. You can keep on working from your living room for all you want, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself completing half an hour task in more than two hours, and not being able to complete a post despite having the ability to churn out half a dozen posts in a working day.

Environment plays a huge role in our overall productivity, therefore if you are looking to make the most of your online business or blog, you must arrange for a home office instead of just starting from a laptop.

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