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Tips and Insights: For Link Building Strategies to Avoid Google Penalties

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Link Building Strategy is essential for search engine optimization to help your business website get more views, higher conversion rates, and overall better business revenues. IT will build the reputation of your website and broaden your connections to ensure more exposure. Link building also has the potential to prevent your site from attracting any penalties from Google.

Getting a penalty from Google is highly dangerous for any business website which is trying to get more attention as a respectable brand. It also harms the search engine ranking. Thus for any business website, penalties from Google is the thing to be avoided at all costs.

When does penalty occur, get an understanding?

It is essential that a business owner or a business website owner understands appropriately what exactly is likely to draw a penalty from Google so that they can take effective measures and observe that they do not indulge in any such nefarious activity which can draw Google’s ire. Google’s algorithms are such that they can easily locate and note if any questionable activities take place with any website that is being displayed in their search results pages. Google punishes such sites which indulge in these activities either intentionally or unintentionally. Google will keep these pages off their primary search results pages or even blacklist them altogether from ever appearing on their search pages.

In this article, you will learn how you can keep your site penalty free and how you can stay aware of all those things which can potentially be harmful to your website by using affective Link Building Strategy.

Bad Links

When your site presents links from suspicious sources, then it can get penalized or risk getting penalized in the future. Bad links are opposite of authoritative links. Authoritative links help you to gain a reputation, but bad links can give your website a bad name and arouse suspicion. Your site can get blocked or blacklisted if Google finds out that your website has links to suspicious sources or dangerous or fraudulent websites. Hence, you ought to always check which links you are providing on your page. Check them constantly and regularly to avoid this risk altogether. Choose the correct Link Building Strategy for your website.

Irrelevant Links

Irrelevant links are a big no-no when it comes to Google. Many people have found that when they visit a website to get something particular and specific, they end up reading about other stuff. Distracting advertisements, pop-ups to various irrelevant sites and products can be harmful. Because not only they reduce your website’s usability and destroy your website’s reputation, but Google can also penalize you. People will conclude that you are running a useless site and stop visiting your website altogether. Irrelevant links will drive ordinary viewers away from your company’s websites, and even Google will slowly start taking you off the search results pages. So, you have to check that the links you provide have relevant and quality content or not.

Overstuffed Links

Keywords can be helpful for search engines to find your website when users look for something. A few websites can use a lot of keywords which perhaps is not always necessary. This will make their site spammy. Google notes such websites and they are taken off the search engine pages. These websites become redundant, useless with the irrelevant keywords. They use keywords to pop up in searches which have no relation to their content. Hence, Google discourages such behavior.

Spammed Links

Do not provide spam ever on your website. Always provide links with authentic and proper content which have a context and are related to the business you offer. Spam irritates not only general users but also Google. It can seriously make Google blacklist your website.


Link Building Strategy is an important aspect in search engine optimization. However, one needs to be careful with the type of links that one provides. You can risk losing your business reputation entirely if you put irrelevant, spammy, or bad links on your website. Google will take your website off not only the prime search results pages but also blacklist your site. Hence, it is necessary for you to link your website with authentic and relevant links correctly.

This Article is contributed by Derek Iwasiuk,  an accomplished social media marketing expert. He writes on various blogs and websites about marketing techniques and Link Building Strategy along with some tips and tricks via social media and other online platforms.  He highlights the ultimate hat guide for the readers.

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