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10 Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Search Engine (Google) Rankings

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Every website owner and SEO professional needs to know the sure short ways to climb the ladder in search engines. The article discusses the 10 amazing techniques which an SEO expert must follow for attaining high online visibility. These techniques will help you get web pages rank better in search results thereby attracting high traffic.

SEO results are directly related to your SEO knowledge and how you implement it on the website. So, if you have knowledge of advanced and updated SEO techniques as well as usability guidelines, you have better chances to rank high.

Here is the list of 10 advanced SEO techniques from seo company orange county, which your SEO services provider must follow to help its clients succeed. With these, the traffic can get a 15-25% boost which is a significant percentage.

The 10 Best SEO Practices

1. Responsive design

These days people view websites on devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops of all sizes. A responsive design makes sure that the website loads optimally and displays well on any screen size and resolution according to the internet speed. This makes the site user and SEO-friendly.

2. Fast loading speed

When a site loads slow, users stays on it for minimal time. People lose patience very fast, and don’t like waiting for a site to loads like it is on an old dial up connection. Now visitors demand the best site loading experience, and this can be done by working on the loading speed. Trial and error, speed tests, managing on page media, all makes for the speed.

3. Content quality

Quality of content matters a lot. People have less time and need to scan information fast. Moreover, meaningless and repeated content will definitely not impress them and they would instantly quit the page and never visit again. To get the attention of visitors, you should post only relevant, meaningful, and useful content that has crisp short sentences and is easy to understand. The format also matters when it comes to readability.

4. Long tail & LSI keywords

Implementing long tail and LSI keywords always help you define your product and services better. These helps search engines find apt pages as per search query of users. By using relevant keywords strategically in right density, you stand a good chance to gain better rankings in SERPs.

5. Revisiting old content and pages

When you post content and forget about it, then this can be the worst mistake. You miss the opportunity to test your site, test content response from visitors, and also miss opportunities to improve. By revisiting old content, webpages and blogs, and analyzing views, changing some keywords or sentences etc., you make it happen again. The page will be considered as a fresh page that would surely help.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is increasingly being used for surfing. Hence to increase user friendliness you should implement more voice search keywords on the site.

7. HTTPS implementation

Https ensures more security, guard against information theft, hacks, and other such vulnerabilities. When your visitors find https instead of http, they are sure that they have landed on a safe site. This helps win trust of visitors.

8. Building High Quality Links

High quality link building is a very important part of SEO. Most of the SEO Service providers do the mistake of building links in high volume. But they forget that volume is not that important as quality. Attaining 10 high quality links is more effective than 100 back links from low quality sites.

9. Social Media

One of the strongest wings of SEO is planned and timely use of social media. There are some great social media platforms, and if you use them in the right way at the right time, then you can blast the web with your marketing strategies.

10. Targeting all search engines

Many SEO experts do this mistake of targeting Google blindly, while there are other potent search engines too. The parameters for search and algorithms of MSN, Bing and Yahoo must also be considered too while planning and doing SEO.

There are many more SEO strategies that you must follow. Stay updated and continue your SEO efforts. It’s best to outsource the work to a professional firm.

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  1. Great tips, all around! Link building continues to become more-and-more important, and as you mention, quality definitely matters! For LSI keywords, I often recommend using the free tool lsigraph.com to get started. Lot’s of great nuggets you shared in your post!

  2. Hi Anand,

    Excellent post on SEO techniques. These SEO techniques are very important as you said for every blog or website to get better rankings in search engines. To get a better traffic we must follow and use these techniques properly and effectively.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Reji Stephenson

  3. Wow! What a great post. The info provided is really valuable. The SEO techniques are awesome. Without seo we can not drive traffic from search engines. Thank you so much.

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