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X-Cart the Number One Choice for E-commerce Website

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If you are planning e-commerce website development in PHP, X-Cart is the shopping cart for your web development project. X-Cart is a leading shopping cart in the market, is PHP-based and since it is open source, customization options are aplenty. With the help of X-Cart, you can build a user friendly, search-engine-optimized online store and offer seamless shopping experience to the buyers.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of X-Cart to understand why it’s so popular among e-commerce site development professionals.

Simple installation process:

The software can be installed easily by anyone having knowledge and experience in website development. The user interface is intuitive and the software comes with auto-upgrade engine. So, you always have easy and quick access to the latest and upgraded features as soon as they are available.

Endless customization:

After installing X-Cart, you can customize every single element of your website to give shoppers an unforgettable experience. Make the shopping cart attractive and engaging by changing the layout, customization and all the other things necessary to stand out from the crowd.

Great SEO features:

It comes with great SEO features and helps your website rank higher on Google SERPs. You can define customized Meta tags for each category and set the product catalog as static HTML pages to help Google bots index the pages faster.

Wonderful shopping features:

You can sell different types of products from your site with the help of X-Cart. It’s not necessary to sell products, you can even offer paid downloads and services from your online shop to make money. So, it does not matter what type of e-commerce business you are planning to launch, X-Cart can always fulfill your requirements.

Thanks to the user-friendly features of this shopping-cart solution, buyers can compare different products, view large product images and scan product reviews. You can let customers create their custom wish list and give them the facility to rate the products they have used. The shopping cart can be integrated with all the major payment gateways, shipping carriers and social media sites.

Ready for mobile:

The software offers many responsive templates for website design. You can select any one of them, make the necessary changes and offer your customers a great shopping experience from any device. Whether users access your site from PCs or smartphones, they will get the same level of ease while shopping.

Admin features:

You may need to hire X-Cart developers for coding and customization purpose, but once the e-commerce site is developed, even a non-technical person can handle the duties of website admin. Here are some of the features you get that make your task easier:

You can track inventory anytime to keep an eye on the product stock. You get to know which product is “in stock” and which items will soon be “out of stock”.

The shopping cart offers a number of reports so that you can track and analyze the performance of your business.

Suppose, you have multiple sellers for the same item and they are offering different price for it. X-Cart lets you set different prices for the same product so that customers can select the seller.

Highly secure:

E-commerce is all about online transaction and thus, security is a major concern for any e-commerce business owner. By installing X-Cart, you can stop worrying about hackers. Its 100% PCI-DSS compliant, meaning it follows the stringent security standards recognized by all reputed credit card service providers.

Round the clock support:

The people behind X-Cart value their customers and offer exceptional technical support. If you face any issue, any time, the X-Cart team is just a phone call away. You can also contact them via online chat 24×7. There are also several online X-Cart forums, offering answers to questions related to X-Cart.

So, as you can see, there are a number of benefits of using X-Cart-for e-commerce website development. The shopping cart price starts at as low as $195 and it is certainly a wise investment for people interested in e-commerce business.

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