6 Tips to Get More RSS Subscribers

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RSS feeds on websites and blogs have been a popular way to keep Internet users coming back to the site or blog over the last few years. When a user signs up for your RSS feed, they will then receive notification whenever you update the content of your site or write a new blog post. You can elect to show all of the new content in the feed or you can show partial content so that the Internet user has to visit your website to read the rest of it.

The challenging part of RSS is getting people to enter their email to sign up to receive your feed. The more readers you have, the better, so getting people to sign up is a vital part of making your website successful.

Here are 3 tips for getting Internet users to sign up for your RSS feed

  • Make sure your RSS icon or sign up box is highly visible on your website or blog. It is also a good idea to stick it in more than one place. For example, you could have it in the upper right hand corner of your website’s sidebar and you can also have it at the start or end of each blog post. If people cannot easily find where they can sign up for your RSS feed, then it is going to be hard acquiring readers.
  • Make the RSS icons or sign up box stick out. Most RSS icons are bright orange in color, but what if you are one of the few people who use orange as a primary color in your site’s design? It might not stick out as much then. RSS icons are pretty easy to find in just about any color, several gradients, shapes and sizes. Choose icons that stand out to the reader.
  • Provide quality content that users will want to read. Getting people to sign up for your RSS feed is not just about having a good looking icon in the right place. People will only want to read your content if it is informative and high quality. They need to feel like they are going to gain something from what you say. If your content is bland or run of the mill, then you are not providing anything new to the Internet user.
  • Install a Light box request users to sign-up for your RSS feeds. Make sure it’s not going to pop up more than once a day. If the box is going to pop-up on every page then it will be quite annoying, which will make your visitors feel uncomfortable with your blog which might make them quit your blog.
  • Give away some free products in return ask your visitors to sign-up for feeds. You could noticed in many famous blog that they are asking you to signup for their feeds to get the download link. This can be easily done by Aweber – Autoresponder.
  • Using the facebook app static fbml you are able to include html into the sidebar of a facebook page, or into a tab.  As long as your form is HTML, you will be able to install it into your page using the static fbml app.  You can also add a sign up form to the sidebar of your personal Facebook profile using the app profile box.

Hope these tips will be quite helpful for you to increase your RSS subscribers 🙂

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