How to Make Money Off YouTube

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YouTube has become a phenomenon of epic proportions on the Internet and beyond. Its videos are showcased on websites the world over, including television. As a result, most businesses have realized the power of visual marketing. The way to make money on YouTube is by becoming a YouTube Partner.

This allows for videos to display ads so that revenue is earned through a percentage of what is generated by clicks, as is the case with AdSense.

AdSense Account

Establish an AdSense account if you do not already have one. The process to display ads on YouTube is separate, however, earnings and stats will be included with the AdSense account. In actuality, it is possible to become a YouTube partner before opening an AdSense account. However, there are many advantages to having an AdSense account in place and it will help you to get established.

Quality of Content

For obvious reasons, ensure that all of your video and writing content does not include any copyrighted material. The surest way for a YouTube partner application to be rejected is to commit copyright infringement. Therefore, make certain that there is absolutely no copyrighted material on any of your videos. If there is any doubt, do not include it. The above applies to any and all:

  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • Video clips
  • Audio
  • Written material

For example, using music that you do not have permission to use could cause your application to be rejected.

Growing the Audience

One of the most important criteria used to evaluate applications for YouTube partnerships is the audience reach. It is critical to use social networking to market your videos and get the page views and subscribers as high as possible.

While there are no specific requirements revealed, it is considered a good plan to have at the very least, 50 videos uploaded. In fact, experts have recommended that 100 videos are uploaded prior to submitting a YouTube partnership application.


The number of subscribers for videos is also not indicated to apply successfully for a YouTube partnership. However, there are some goals to aspire to, such as a minimum of:

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 1,000 video views
  • 10,000 channel views

To assure acceptance, it is recommended that videos attain around 5,000 subscribers with 50,000 channel views and over a total 1,000,000 of views.

Post Regular Videos

The chance of acceptance by YouTube as a partner is significantly lower when only a few videos are posted. Therefore, the more frequently that videos are uploaded, the better. For instance, anyone who uploads a new video every day will have a better chance of getting accepted than those who upload once every few weeks.

Of course, viral videos can nearly assure acceptance, as long as the content is not infringing in any way. The thing to remember is that YouTube partnerships are based upon developing a long term business relationship.

Video Marketing Brands

Take the time to establish a thread through the videos that make them recognizable without being repetitive. While it is not essential to do this, it can help greatly for getting approved. Once the technical guidelines are met YouTube will decide whether your videos are a good fit for a YouTube partnership. Keep in mind that the more professional your videos appear, the higher your chances will be.

Video Marketing Tips

  • Make a professional intro
  • Create a logo to use on all marketing materials
  • Use websites to host videos
  • Interact with the audience
  • Customize the YouTube channel for professionalism
  • Submit YouTube Partner Application

After you have followed the suggested steps, complete and submit the YouTube partnership application from the official YouTube Partner Program webpage. Due to the high number of applicants, it may take some time to be considered. However, once approved, you can start displaying ads on the videos immediately.

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