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Google AdSense is the platform used by webmasters to the profitability of their projects (blogs, websites, …). However not everyone can get money through this platform, which makes you wonder why they can not get the revenue that other webmasters do.
As with everything, there are tips and tricks to succeed in obtaining a higher yield of this platform, however it should be borne in mind certain aspects that you should avoid. These may be simple and innocent, yet can destroy your business.

So here is the list of tips and tricks you should avoid:

Page cloaking

The use of bots that are activated when a visitor enters your site and that the visitor never gets to see it is not ethical. Although this practice is used by some webmasters to quickly obtain a larger gains, it is not recommended by Google, can lead to account suspension.

Hidden Text

The use of texts with links to the same background color of your website or whose letter is not perfectly legible and that somehow has the purpose to make the visitor clicks the link without realizing what you are doing may cause Google to suspend your account for fraud.

Link Farms

Exchanging links is important for the growth of your website, however exaggerated an exchange of links can lead to suspension of your AdSense account.100 websites with links into one or more pages are soon banished. This is due to the fact that the “link farms” do not promote quality or content clearly an issue between the sites.

Multiple submissions

A common mistake that many webmasters make is to submit more than once your website to search engines. This may be a reason to run out of your account. This is because mass submission distorts the algorithm of search engines.It is recommended that before making a submission to verify that your website is already included in the search engine.

Multiple domains with same content

In addition to “work” a normal search engine, it finds many other data that seem to be relevant (Ip’s of domains, the recorded data …). We therefore have multiple domains with exactly the same content is to avoid, because the search engine will eventually find out and will suspend your account. This rule applies to content posted on separate pages and, or sub-domains for various domains.


This method is very similar to the “Page Cloaking.” In this method will open a page with advertising specific to a given keyword in order to redirect visitors to another page. There are some SEO firms that provide this service, however, and since this practice can put your AdSense account at risk is not advisable to use.

Selling Page Rank

This is a practice increasingly used by webmasters to earn some extra money. The sale or exchange links to increase the ranking of a website is becoming increasingly common and even has its fruit, however, never put the links sold near the publicity of your website as this may lead to suspension of your account.

Final Note

The techniques I mentioned above are checked regularly by various search engines, so their use with Google AdSense is a waste of time.

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  1. nice post. nice blog

    you should take care of your design 🙂

    1. please suggest me problem with my design…

  2. I have doubt. Your Title is about Google Adsense But I think you have written about Google Search Engine ban ?

    1. this post is cover both topic, avoid getting ban from Google adsense and Google Search engine. If you are penalized by Google it leads to the ban of Adsense account too… but mostly the tips i mentioned is for keep way your adsense account from ban….

  3. Hi Isha

    Nice Post. These are small stuffs but matters alot.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  4. Nice Post..covered all aspects to avoid for Google Adsense..

  5. Haha, your title is a bit misleading there!
    You got me a bit worried, cause I totally rely on AdSense for getting some revenue from my website

    Thanks for the tips though, always good to have a reminder of AdSense’s rules

  6. one question: if you ping your blog (after updating it) using ping-o-matic service. does it also ban your google adsense account. As i have bad luck with google adsense

    1. i think think so… check out in Google Adsense Support…. i don’t think it violate Adsense TOS….

  7. Hi,Thanks for the tips is there any problem adding buysellads link next to adsense banner?you may check my site single post for more.

    1. there is no problem using buysellads link next to adsense banner…. As it do not violate the program policies…

      1. Thanks for the reply 🙂

  8. Never start blogs for Adsense and paste Adsense codes in low traffic sites.

    Add adsense code in new blogs only after getting a decent traffic. also now worry about CTR, if your clicks are genuine no problems with it.

  9. Hello everybody I have got 3 blogs and 2 websites.Can i have Google ad sense ads in my all of these blogs and websites ? Whether i have to apply for different Google ad-sense accounts or a single account will work for all these websites and blogs.Thank You.

    1. You can use 1 adsense account for hundreds of blog or website but get that all blog or website they comply with adsense program policies.

  10. Those tips are really helpful while using Google Adsense.

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