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YouTube implemented a new feature that allows adjustments and apply styles to the videos before publishing them, the online editor for improving the videos.

The application works seamlessly with the other features of the Google site. When the user publishes a video, YouTube displays the Edit link on the video.

Clicking on the link, several options are offered. A button with the phrase “I’m feeling lucky”, it makes color adjustment automatically. If you want more control over operations, there are functions to rotate the frame, fix blurred scenes, lighten the shadows, adjust color saturation and calibrate the color temperature (setting that makes the image more bluish or reddish).

There are also a number of styles that can be applied to images. They allow, for example, convert the movie to black and white or sepia tones. Then click Save to make changes. And if the result is not good you can go back to the original version.

Resources are good for an online system, the new editing system will be available to all soon.

6 thoughts on “Video Editor Online in YouTube

  1. Yeah, this feature is awesome

  2. This looks like a very cool feature! I guess that means no more messing around in iMovie for me 🙂

  3. The Youtube video editor is for basic editing only and not for making advance animation in Youtube. I wish in the future, Google will improved the editing tool.

  4. Its really a great news .. Isha !

    Thanks for the share 😉

  5. I’m looking for something not just to trim the video, but the be able to take out parts in the middle and throughout the video, like other youtubers high quality videos are like. I know they probably all use iMovie, but I have a PC.

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