Persistency Pays When Marketing With YouTube

Marketing is one of those endeavors that requires a lot of dedication. You simply can’t throw a slogan and just one advertisement out there and sit back, waiting for it to reap dividends. You need to keep at it, not stopping or taking a break. You need to be persistent. It’s enough of a challenge […]

YouTube Music Draws Crowds across the Globe

YouTube music has hit the music world with a bang. For a long time the music fraternity had been grappling with how to build a formidable online video music hub that would be efficient in content storage and advertising. YouTube became the answer! YouTube’s popularity has grown exponentially over the time. You probably remember when […]

How to Make Money Off YouTube

YouTube has become a phenomenon of epic proportions on the Internet and beyond. Its videos are showcased on websites the world over, including television. As a result, most businesses have realized the power of visual marketing. The way to make money on YouTube is by becoming a YouTube Partner. This allows for videos to display […]

Video Editor Online in YouTube

YouTube implemented a new feature that allows adjustments and apply styles to the videos before publishing them, the online editor for improving the videos. The application works seamlessly with the other features of the Google site. When the user publishes a video, YouTube displays the Edit link on the video. Clicking on the link, several […]

Sites To Convert Youtube Videos into Mp3

There are times when we like music of a YouTube video and would like to convert that audio to MP3. This is possible and what is best, without installing any software. See which sites convert YouTube videos to MP3 100% online and 100% free. Vidtomp3 Extremely simple site! Just copy the URL of the video […]

YouTube Releases Upload Videos With Unlimited Time

Until then you could just upload clips of up to 15 minutes Running YouTube. But this will change for many users. At least if you behave well and follow the board rules. In July, YouTube changed the time limit for videos 10 to 15 minutes to all users, and now most users can post videos […]

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