Tips on Creating a Memorable Design for Your Website

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Creating a stunning and functional design for your website will help you bring in new visitors and keep attracting your regular viewers. However, it’s possible to create a look that can frustrate your audience.

If you want to create a memorable design that will attract new visitors, try some of these tips.

Browser Compatibility

Today, people can view the Internet on a number of difference devices, including smartphones. Not all Internet browsers display your design the way you expect. If you only use one browser to check your design, you won’t even realize that some visitors may be unable to see your content. If you want to reach the widest audience possible, you should check your site in every major browser available today.

Avoid the Pitfalls

The last thing you want to do is annoy your new visitors with gimmicks and other obnoxious elements. For example, many people strongly dislike seeing multiple blinking advertisements when they arrive on a website. Many people also feel frustrated when a website suddenly plays a video or music without warning. A simple approach to web design will help you attract the most visitors.

Optimize Load Time

A slow-loading website will encourage visitors to visit a different site instead of yours. When you create a new design, aim for a basic design that doesn’t rely heavily on complex scripting languages and other multimedia elements. You can still create a stunning look without including too many fancy touches that only drag down your site’s loading time. Although many people have fast Internet connections, there are still many who do not.

Simple Navigation

Your site’s navigation is a crucial element of your design. No one can find your content if you tuck your menu away in a hidden corner. Make your navigation stand out clearly by including it on every single page of your website. Reducing the number of times your visitors must click to get to your content should also be one of your priorities.

Improve Readability

Small and unreadable fonts make poor choices in the web design world. Although some browsers allow people to adjust a website’s font size, many of your viewers may not know how to do this. Choose a font color that blends with your design but still stands out enough that people can easily read your text. You should also avoid font and background color combinations that are uncomfortable to look at for long periods of time.

Although your website is a reflection of you and your preferences, you must take care to still appeal to the masses. With a tasteful approach and an eye for elegance, you can successfully create a website that will bring in visitors.

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