Top 10 Best Applications for Android

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Android, an operating system by Google, won the taste of Smartphone users, by its speed, flexibility and especially for being free. We have prepared a list of top 10 best or you can say essential applications for Android.


It’s a Universal Messenger for all operating systems (Android, IOS, BlackBerry and Symbian). With it you can communicate via SMS without paying anything. You can still send your location via GPS, if you want to find or to be found by your friend. Just install the application and activate your Wi-Fi or 3G.

Cerberus Anti-Theft

Thanks to this application, that the owners of Android phones can be more relaxed about theft or loss of the device. With Cerberus, it is possible to detect the position of the phone via GPS, take pictures of the thief and send by email, send text messages or voice from the phone, lock the chip, erasing your personal data and more.

Just fill up a simple registration application on the screen and leave it active. If you lose your phone or it is stolen, visit the official site with your username and password previously created, and use the options to help locate your phone.

Lookout Anti-virus

Security is never enough, and contrary to what many think, there are viruses for Android. Recently, it was announced that a malicious app infected nearly 600,000 Android phones. With Lookout Anti-Virus, all applications are checked before they are downloaded, and possibility of doing a full scan on your phone for viruses and malware.

Opera Mini

The desktop browser is also an absolute leader in phones with Android. With Opera Mini, you will be able to surf the Internet more quickly, saving resources of the cellular and Wi-Fi / 3G, and with the same features present in the desktop version, such as Turbo.

Google Goggles

With Google Goggles application, you can search places, logos, books and DVDs, landmarks, art, business, automatic language translation through the camera of your device.


The famous music player for Windows and Mac, is now available for Android phones. Besides being a common player, allows synchronization of your music via bluetooth/wifi between phone and computer, access to multiple web radios.

Camera 360

Application to expand the effects of camera, with focus settings, filters and various other pre-defined modifications.


The Tango app is the solution for video calls to Android phones. Similar to Skype, the application allows you to make video calls to anywhere in the world, totally free and best of all, no crashes, even on the 3G network. You can also perform audio-only calls.

Jump Desktop

Through this application, you will be able to remotely access your computer, wherever and whenever, just be on and connected to the Internet. To use the application, you need to install a client access to the machine that will be accessed, and link your registered email address in the application. Remote access works for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Popular Utilities

Of course, I could not fail to mention the famous applications for Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Foursquare , Facebook Messenger.

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  1. Nice List, I think Opera Mini is the best smartphone browser till now… though it’s not very popular among desktop users.

  2. I’ll be sticking with Android when my 24 month beast of a contract finally expires this summer. The OS, including one of the apps above, has been rather glitchy at times, but It’s still good for the value.

  3. I’ve been using Opera Mini and whatsapp from the lists for a long time, Winamp and Lookout Anti-virus is great to try.

  4. This is really a useful list of android applications. I do use Tango and like it the most.

  5. The Cerberus Anti-Theft app looks promising.. Going to download it right now.. Thanks

  6. This is really a great list of android applications. thanks for the tips.

  7. Nice collection of apps although i am using just one of them that’s Whatsapp

  8. hi isha,
    i am having galaxy pop and whatapp and opera mini are my favorite. i want to add something. i personally think UC should be here because UC is the best for downloading . this is the one point where opera fails
    thanks for the article

  9. Great list of Android apps.I have been using most of the apps you have shared in your post.Thanks for the list.

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