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For New iPhone 5 Users- A Guide to iOS 6

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Have you planned on to get the new iPhone 5 when it is launched in September by Apple Inc.? Like me, I have seen many people waiting with their fingers crossed for the iPhone 5 and the new iPad mini. Those who are going to buy the iPhone series for the first time have to make sure they know what the device is like. For the first time use, the iPhone 5 may be difficult to sue, as it is nothing like the previous iPhones. Similar will be the case with the iPad mini.

The features are totally changed and the device is not like anything that was the iPad 2 or 1.

Accessories are new

Not only this, but the accessories like the iPhone covers, the cases, the iPad accessories like the cases, skins and the stickers etc would not be used with the new iPad and iPhone 5. The size and the overall look is very different from the previous ones for such gadgets and so, you would have to discard all your previous accessories and yet look for the new ones.

Dock charger

The dock connector has been changed in the iPhone 5 and it will now be a 19-pin connector rather a 34-pin usual connector. This makes the accessories look paler for use.

OS is new

For the iPad mini and the iPhone 5, the Os is introduced to be an advanced version of iOS 5. The new iOS has the following features that you should know of, if you are a first time buyer from Apple.

The iOS 6 is going to be very handy for you if you want to make the verbal calls by commanding the phone with your own voice activated functions.

# You can now return calls when you want to, with a prescheduled defined in Siri. Yes if you miss calls, you can send in scheduled text messages to the caller.

# If you forget birthdays and you need to call and text the birthday people, all you need is to schedule the calls and texts as well.

# The Facebook app has been integrated with the new iOS 6 just as Twitter was in the previous OS.

#The notifications area in your device can handle the notifications you get on your Facebook. Not only this, but you can also make sure that the Facebook status is updated through your notifications area.

# Siri will not only be responsible for getting the texts dictated and calling and sending texts to your contacts on your demand, but will also make sure you are updated with the latest Sports news, the new places to visit, help you book tables in your favorite restaurants and all.

# The users will also be able to make the FaceTime calls without having to access any Wi-Fi in their iPhones.

The iPad mini is also activated with the FaceTime feature, so you can call and text with your Apple and iTunes account as well.

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