5 Ways To Tell If Blogging Is Right For You

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Bloggers are an interesting breed, especially those of us who blog full time. We essentially spend the majority of our day interacting with all kinds of people over the internet. Much of our work consists of sitting in front of a computer, reading other blogs and websites, and writing and publishing our own posts for our audiences to read.

In a way, there are those of us who are meant to be bloggers and those of us who aren’t, just like there are those of us who are meant to become teachers, or soldiers, or dog trainers, and some who aren’t. If you’re interested in becoming a blogger, then you should consider trying to figure out whether or not blogging is right for you. Of course, it can’t hurt to give it a shot regardless, but at least you’ll have an idea as to what sorts of personal qualities make people good bloggers.

Are you opinionated and passionate about a subject?

One thing I’ve found that is most important to me when I blog is that I am passionate about whatever I’m blogging on, and that I am opinionated. Both of these traits have really kept me focused when it comes to me blogging. They have given me the confidence in my blogging, because I know that my passion and my opinions encourage others to take interest in what I blog about, which spurs great discussion among readers.

Do you feel comfortable sharing your writing with others?

You should also have confidence in your writing skills because your writing will be read by many readers, so you have to be willing to share that writing with others. It will certainly help if you think you’re a good writer, but that’s not a prerequisite by any means. What you should really strive for is being comfortable with putting your opinions out there and starting a discussions.

Are you organized and a hard worker?

On its surface, blogging seems really simple: you just publish blog posts. But, in fact, blogging requires that you handle a bunch of other responsibilities if you want to really be successful and make money off of your blog. For example, bloggers also need to track down guest posts, contact advertisers, manage their accounts, and use social media, among other things.

Do you consider yourself to be a people person?

Part of blogging means that you have to interact with others: readers, commenters, fellow bloggers. When you start a blog, whether you like it or not, you join a community of like-minded bloggers, many of whom will reach out to you in order to make the community stronger. If you’re not a people person, this may be difficult to keep up meaningful relationships with others in the community.

Can you handle pressure and obstacles in your way?

Finally, something bloggers need to keep in mind is that blogging has its fair share of obstacles and mounting pressures. Bloggers need to be able to deal with drawbacks in their blogging. For example, some bloggers get incredibly frustrated when their traffic numbers don’t increase as quickly as they would like. If you can handle pressure and deal with minor setbacks, then you’ll be able to respond to them by coming up with a new plan to improve your blog.

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