Is your Free Web Hosting Provider Promising you Things it Can’t Deliver?

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The job of a salesperson is very difficult. Since the market for virtually anything tends to quickly become saturated, a person who wants to reach their sales quota may resort to promising so many things that their products simply cannot deliver. The same is true for web-hosting service providers. Since there exists hundreds of companies that offer basically the same services, some resort to promising features that simply cannot be guaranteed.

Although some of the promises are seemingly insignificant, it is still frustrating for a customer to be short changed. Here are some misleading claims that are typically made by even the leading hosting service providers.

They can provide you with unlimited storage

Just like any form of resources, disk storage is something that simply cannot be deemed unlimited. This is simply impossible. Even if the service provider builds a giant data center, the disk space that it can offer will still be limited. The company is banking on the actuality that it is impossible for any customer to require more disk storage for their website than they can provide.

They won’t charge extra for domain names

Domain names get registered for a fee as per requirement of the domain registry. This payment is done to give you the authority to use a particular domain name during the signed registration term duration. If domain name registration is offered by a hosting company for free, most of the time, you are only provided with a sub domain under their domain name. This means that you get a subfolder. If you decide to transfer to another hosting company, you might have to shell out extra cash to cover the penalty. Additionally, some companies attach a host of provisions should you want to avail of their free domain names offer. In the end, you may end up paying more for a domain name that you really can’t use.

They promise zero downtime

If you check out the websites of various web hosting companies, one of the most exaggerated promises that they make is 100% uptime. Even the most efficient machine cannot work at 100% all the time. Servers fail all the time. Hosting clients may not notice these downtimes because, for great companies who use high quality servers, these lapses last for only a few seconds. At best, a hosting company can operate beyond 99% but never stay at the perfect mark all of the time. If your company still promises this 100% uptime deal, make sure that they also offer compensations for any downtime.

They promise fail-proof anti-virus and anti-spam services

It is misleading for any hosting company to claim that their anti-virus and anti-spam services never fail. People who create these malicious threats are always thinking of new ways to get into your system and infiltrate your account. This is the reason why software developers are always working to keep their services up-to-date. However, by the time that a solution can be found to address a new virus, it may have already infected your machine. The same is true for spam.

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  1. Free servers can promise a lot, but the real fact is that today no one will open something for free that others use. Unfortunately today the situation is in the world, that those who make it and do not want to, and if by some miracle to happen and so do something, people immediately rush to it and then these servers become crowded and slow.

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