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While thinking about the introduction of Mobile application, I just like to say that apps have made our life easier. Smart phones have become a great companion to us. Having a Smart phone with effective apps is like carrying the world in your hand.


Mobile applications are playing a remarkable role in almost all the fields like Business, Entertainment, Fashion and even more. Teens are much attracted by the emergence of mobile application.

This article is mainly focused on the apps that help students in their career. There are a number of apps that could assist students. Let’s have a brief look on this.

Ever Note:

Ever Note

This apps is a multitask performer. Using Ever Note you can capture photo, take note and prepare a to-do list. Ever Note helps you to access all of the devices you use. You can also record voice reminder. Wherever you are Ever Note simply reminds all your schedules. If you want to go for a grocery shop, make a list of things to purchase using Ever Note and do your shopping hassle-free.



Do you love to play with numbers? Then here we go, Mathemagics app helps you to do mathematical calculations in a faster and effective manner. The results will be displayed in a moment of time which is really astonishing. You can multiply the number with high digits as well. Finding squares of the number is an added credit to the app. Calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division can be performed using this app. The checklist of calculations even extends more.



Want to learn Spanish? Then install this app. AccelaStudy is a famous and successful app that helps you in learning Spanish. This app guides you through learning, pronunciation and finding the meaning for Spanish words. This app also provides you a way to test your Spanish knowledge by means of Audio Quiz.



Encyclopedia is obviously an important and must have thing for students. No need to carry all those book sort of things. Just install this app in your phone and enjoy the features. You can get to know the database of almost all the regions that include English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Japanese and even more. The main advantage of this app is that you need no internet connectivity or data card connection. Irrespective of the location, you can get the results from this app.



I could say that Quora is a medium for gaining authentic knowledge. You may answer question or post your review and have a knowledgeable conversion with the people associated with it. If you have any interesting topic to share, then this would be right platform. You are given option to rate and vote for the best answers as well.



Reading ebooks is the trend now. Using this app you will be given the access to read over 1,000,000 books from Kindle store. You can read book, bookmark it and take down the notes. You can also continue reading with the same page where you left on another device. You can also read number of newspapers, magazines and get the information instantly.

Pocket Lawyer Lite:

Pocket Lawyer Lite

This app would be a boon to those who are legal practitioners and students. Pocket Lawyer Lite provides you with the complete sentencing guidelines. You can get information about the range of sentences that is issued to a judge. Information about orders and fines. It is to be noted that the information available with this app is copyrighted by Government’s council.


Dictionary app

I guess there is no need to explain about this app. By the name itself it is clear that this app would be beneficial as of dictionary. Audio pronunciation, examples, word origin and history are some of the features of this app. Using this app you can set up the daily notification of any word of the day. There is also an option to share your thoughts through Social media sites.

Art Lite:

Art Lite

Are you crazy about Ivan Aivazovsky, Sandro Botichelli, Paul Cezanne art works? Then have a look at this app. Art Lite provides you the excellent arts of works by other top artists also. You can get the full biography of the artist without any internet connectivity. Also you can save the images in your photo gallery.


Mobile application development is reaching up the heights by means of its performance and features. I hope the apps mentioned above would be helpful to students. Also these apps are widely welcomed by users.

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  1. These are all very helpful apps. Students these days are so lucky that they don’t to go buy and carry books and other requirements all the time.

  2. Dictionary.com and Ever Note is my favorite application. Apart from that for communication purpose students also should have Whatsapp.

  3. Very Good Collection of Education Mobile Application Great Thanks.. Useful for Me.. Thanks..

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