BlackBerry Shoppers Guide: What to Look For

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In just ten years, the humble BlackBerry has gone from a PDA to the ultimate business smartphone. Staying in touch with colleagues, business contacts and family has never been easier, with the latest models even morphing into the touchscreen league.


When it comes to buying a new mobile handset, most tech-savvy consumers are extremely particular about what it is that they want from a smartphone. Many will begin by addressing the phone’s features. It is important to establish what differences these features will make to both your business and yourself.

Organisation and email

BlackBerry handsets that boast email, in-depth organisation systems and voice data are imperative to those that use their mobile phone in the working world.If working commitments mean that you travel on a regular basis, an unlocked BlackBerry is much better than that of a phone attached to just the one service plan. Swapping your regular SIM card for a world SIM is a great way to save on heavy phone tariffs whilst away.

If like many, you never put your phone down, investing in a handset with an impressive battery life is a must. Various BlackBerry models boast a removable or rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last a considerable time depending on the amount and type of use.

At one point, BlackBerry mobile phones were largely orientated around email. Nowadays this is far from the case and although email features still play a major part, the BlackBerry is now home to a digital camera, additional memory space, Satellite Navigation, a music player and a variety of games too.

Connectivity and entertainment

When investing in a new phone, it is important to check your purchase for a number of handy applications. Such applications should cater to your every need and as such fit into your day-to-day lifestyle. If you use your phone as a means to stay in contact with the office, you will need to ensure that the BlackBerry in question is able to link to several email accounts. However, if you use it as a form of entertainment whilst enduring a tedious commute, downloading a variety of games and media devices should be a hassle-free process.

Size and weight

Size is another important factor to consider – if you use your phone to check calendars, review spreadsheets and watch presentations, a handset with a larger screen is a must. However, if you quite simply use the handset to listen to music, text then a smaller phone that can be easily carried around will be more suitable.

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