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Best Tips to improve your Laptop Battery

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If you are searching for some of the proven tips that helps you to improve the battery life of your Laptop, then I hope you are in the right place. Most of us, ignore some of the basic tips that will certainly ruin the battery life of our Laptops and yeah, again we complain about your low battery problems.

90% of Laptop manufacturers will take care of the fact that the Hardware and battery co-ordinate with each other and should provide atleast 120 – 150 mins of battery backup, and according to these considerations, essential steps will be undertaken, but once the Laptop comes into our hand, the metrics especially the battery metrics changes rapidly due to lack of prior knowledge of using the stuff or sheer ignorance. To be frank, I used to be one among those people few years ago.

Most of the Laptop manufacturers, will provide complete cover package for 1 year, but they wont allow it on the Laptop Batteries. Because the existence and the performance of these batteries depends on us.

Here are some of the best tips that helps us to improve our Laptop Battery life.

Do not over charge your Battery

Prime mistake that every user will do. We aren’t supposed to overcharge our batteries once it reached 100%. Wait until the 75% of your battery gets finished for your next scheduled charge. Over charging of the batteries leads to exhausting of the liquid in the battery that results in reducing the power of your battery and ultimately we start complaining about low battery life.

Keeping the battery contacts clean.

It is always suggested to clean you Laptop at regular intervals. At the time of cleaning, make sure you clean the battery’s metal contacts which will definitely improve the energy receiving efficiency of your battery.

Remove all external devices for enhancing battery

If we are planning for a trip and you are aware that you don’t get access to plug points to charge your Laptop, then it is suggestible to remove all the external devices connected to our laptops which ultimately improves the battery life.

Adjust Screen Brightness

In order to improve the battery life of any device, the screen brightness must be adjusted, regardless you are using Android or iPhone or Laptop or other devices. As, we don’t need much of the brightness inside our house or closed areas, it is suggested to minimize the brightness of your Laptops as much as you can.

Turn-Off Bluetooth, Wifi and Sound

If we are sure that you don’t need to make any transfers or sound system, then it is suggested to turn them off. This will definitely improve the battery life.

These are the 5 prime tips that every one need to follow, in order to improve the battery life by over 25%.

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  1. I didn’t knew that battery can over charge.Good to know that.Very informative post.

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