Android vs Windows: Best and user friendly OS for new users

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Windows and Android can be considered to be fairly good mobile platforms. Despite them been different in their usage both platforms have some difference. So which one of the two is better?


Below is a comparison of both the platforms. Compare the features and check for yourself which one is better.

Android is customizable

It is a reality that Android is more customizable as compared to an iOS. Android is much more comfortable with 3rd party applications as compared to the iOS platform. However this customization can cause some problems at times as some of the apps cannot be removed from the Android platform, even if you do not like it.

Windows offers more fluidity

The processors on Apple are slower though this does not have any effect on processing speed of the Windows platform and it is faster and more fluid in its approach.

Open Platform on Android

Android platform allows downloading of apps from Google Play, App Brain and Appstore. Additionally, you can change app launcher, web browser and default keyboard on the Android platform. The same can never be done on iOS platform.

Android does has more flexibility in terms of apps one can get but the same cannot be called as a open platform in the real sense. To gain complete control over the platform, the user has to do rooting. Google at times though pulls content from the store causing some problems to the users.

Despite these limitations too, Android is a better open platform not only for the users but the developers too.

The Intuitive approach of Windows

Windows is more popular than android owing to its User Interface. Most iPhone users point out that they love the intuitive approach of Windows platform in comparison to Android. The icons on the Android screen do not look in sync and give a disoriented look. In comparison, the icons on the user interface of Windows appear more organized and give the feeling as if everything is falling in place.

A reason, perhaps as to why Windows platform has found favor with users and is gaining in popularity in comparison to the Android platform.

Fragmentation appears more real in Android

At times when one compares Android and Windows it appears that Windows is getting updated with every passing year. In comparison the up gradation process of Android seems a little slower. However as Android has open source operating system, it is able to run on distinct makes and models. A real time example of the same can be quoted by the technological advance that it has shown in Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone works on the Android platform and has a range of features including air gestures and eye scroll.

Windows or iOS lags behind on this front and the technology developers have to think on the lines of Android developers if they are to give Android a real challenge. Android scores a point in terms of hardware component too. Though some complaint that Android compromises on quality when it comes to hardware component but no real concerns have been noted.

Windows or iOS and Android have their distinct advantages. It depends on the vision and interest of the users as to which platform they choose finally.

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