10 Affiliate Programs You Must Try

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What are affiliate programs, that pay more? And the best alternative to AdSense?  Such affiliations may be used at the same time?  Here  are the ones I have personally tried and tested in recent years.  Here is a mini-guide.

Criteo Direct

New circuit that buy traffic pay with a value eCPM (per thousand impressions). In this case you yourself choose eCPM with whom you want to sell your space.

  • Category ads: Banner of 7 different sizes
  • Selected ads: direct placement of advertisers
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: English
  • Gain: eCPM set by you
  • Advantages: Allows you to calculate the gain in advance of your blog with the formula x eCPM Pageviews
  • Disadvantages: Although it is specified that eCPM can be set by publishers you will not be allowed to set more than 2 USD
  • Payment: Bank
  • Registration:Criteo Direct

Google Adsense

Without doubt the most popular and one that offers the greatest potential for gain. It is characterized by the huge variety of ads, and terribly effective contextualization mechanisms. Compared to the other programs, it  is characterized by its dynamism, which rewards the best performing sites with an increase in pay per click and reduces wages for less authoritative sites or content of poor quality. The mechanism is called Smart Pricing and update the values of Click to publishers weekly.

  • Category ads: text ads, sponsored links
  • Selected ads: contextual>
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: almost all
  • Gain: Pay Per Click
  • Advantages: Reliability and ability to pay
  • Disadvantages: Can be banned from the program for events beyond its control
  • With AdSense you can earn a lot or almost nothing with the same number of clicks.
  • Payment: Cheque
  • Registration:  Google Adsense


It ‘a kind of affiliate program that pays on Performance Pay For sales or predetermined actions. It has a huge list of publishers with a large number of banners, pictures and text ads to their pages manually. And ‘require authorization to each advertiser that we put on our site, which is rarely refused.

  • Category ads: Pictures, Videos and Text
  • Selected ads: Manual
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: the most common
  • Gain: Depends on advertiser (sale, lead or otherwise. There are few pay-per-click)
  • Advantages: great variety of ads, powerful management tools
  • Disadvantages: slow payment
  • Watch out for: If the advertiser does not pay Tradedoubler , the publisher (you) is not paid. It happens …
  • Payment: bank
  • Registration: Join Tradedoubler


Other popular Affiliate Pay-Per-Sale. Main competitor of  Tradedoubler

  • Category ads: Pictures, Videos and Text
  • Selected ads: Manual
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: The most common
  • Gain: on sale
  • Advantages: Excellent statistics
  • Disadvantages: Less than conversions TD
  • Payment: bank
  • Registration: Zanox


Another network that pays on conversions and sales. The previous two is perhaps the most sluggish due to the quality of the advertiser and low remuneration.

  • Ads Type: text
  • Selected ads: Manual
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: English
  • Gain: on sale
  • Advantages: 40 USD  for each new affiliates to send out, or a percentage of all sales
  • Disadvantages: Compensation slightly Bassini and few advertisers
  • Payment: bank transfer, paypal
  • Registration: SprinTrade

Commission Junction

Truly international program that pays on sale or action.

  • Ads Type: text and graphics
  • Selected ads: Manual
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish
  • Gain: on sale
  • Advantages: Variety and quality of publishers
  • Payment: check
  • Registration: Commission Junction


One of the best known and most used. Shows like AdSense ad blocks contextual but not in selected according to the category assigned to the publisher’s site. It ‘can choose whether to display ads on the network or only those advertisers who publish on the publisher’s site. Recently introduced advertising InLine (underlines words in the text of the page).

  • Category ads: Text Ads, InLine (words underlined) and Intertitial (ad interim screens fullscreen)
  • Selected ads: according to preset categories
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: almost all
  • Gain: Pay Per Click and view
  • Advantages: Handles both buying and selling text ads
  • Disadvantages: The variety of ads is very low.
  • Payment: Cheque
  • Registration: AdBrite


Affiliate program and inline text ads . They have a good variety of advertisers and the level of remuneration is not bad. Can be used at the sites of the main languages for each language but there is a site dedicated to different rules of inclusion, acceptance, etc..

  • Category ads: Text Ads and InLine
  • Selected ads: contextual
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: the most common (apart from the Portuguese, strange …)
  • Gain: Pay Per Click
  • Advantages: Excellent level of customization of ad blocks and good remuneration
  • Disadvantages: A bit slow to evaluate the sites, does not report the number of clicks in stats
  • Payment: Bank
  • Registration: Miva


One of the most popular affiliate programs inline contextual. Allows you to select the text that context and see where the sponsors. Can be used with other programs like AdSense InLine (but always ask for confirmation to support AdSense).

  • Type: Inline
  • Selected ads: contextual
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: English (though other languages are displayed in the entry form)
  • Gain: Pay Per Click
  • Advantages: It ‘can choose the color of kewords InLine
  • Disadvantages: once registered you can not change your data
  • Payment: Cheque
  • Registration: Kontera


Allows you to insert links affiliate of all unsold products in the catalog. The remuneration is for sale (Pay-Per-Sale). Amazon also uses a semi-automatic contextualization mechanism (with key). Many sizes available and good level of customization.

  • Ads Type: image, text and inline
  • Selected ads: manual, by keyword and contextual for inline
  • Traffic minimum required: no
  • Language: It can work on each site, ads will be shown in English
  • Gain: on sale
  • Advantages: Variety, quality and abundance of products
  • Disadvantages: It does not convert very well on sites.
  • Payment: check
  • Registration: Amazon

There are many other programs, these are just the ones I got to test.

Use multiple affiliations at the same time

Google AdSense allows you to use in combination with other affiliate programs inline, provided that they are not similar with their ads empowering the publisher on this point. This opening could be a natural consequence of the quality of its competitors (Kontera is widely used).

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  1. couple of Affiliate program new to me, nice compilation, thanks for sharing

    1. glad it helps you…. thanks for commenting Shanker….

  2. This is my first visit to your blog. We are starting a new initiative in the same niche as this blog. Your blog provided us with important information to work on. You have done a admirable job.

  3. Nice list but these are not all affiliate programs right?! I especially like the Amazon affiliate program. It’s pretty simple to get accepted and the huge advantage of Amazon is that people are already used to it. So when you thus send a visitor to Amazon they are much more likely to buy something there.

  4. Good list Isha. I never heard about Tradedoubler and Criteo Direct, but will give it a try now.

  5. Hi Isha,
    I misunderstood the definition of affiliate program before reading your post. However it is clarified now.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Can find 100’s of Ad networks. You missed Infolinks, for me its performing good.

  7. I never heard some of in this list,excellent list prepared by you…

  8. I think you have missed few important like Avangate, e-Junie, Social Spark. I have tried cj and adbrite both doesn’t matter, you never going to earn a penny from them.
    Great list by the way.

    1. these are list of programs which i have personally tried… i never tried Avangate, e-Junie, Social Spark. btw thanks for adding these programs…

  9. Nice collection Isha. I have tried CJ a month back. Just got impressions & clicks but they never got converted into sales (probably bcoz 1 month ago my blog was relatively new) & adbrite seriously sux 🙁

  10. Some of them are new to me , i am still not using any advertisment on my blog . But will try some of them

  11. Up-till now only tried adsense and adbrite which rocks !
    Amazon is also top paying but you need a lot of readers for your blog , targeting more ad more readers is what i am looking for . Till then , no affiliate programmes , just ppc and ppm networks .

  12. I’m very pleased with the content articles on your web blog. I get numerous suggestions which helped me to.

  13. Personally I have only tried Adsense till now but have heard good about Kontera and Adbrite as well. Going to try them soon.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

  14. Thanks for the info. I have tried most of these and just to put in my pennies worth, Adbrite and Miva didn’t amount to anything. Better to stick to the giants that are at the top of your list.

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