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PR Update November 2011 : Cyber World Now PR 4

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Did you notice any Page Rank update? But well, Today we found Cyber World jumped from PageRank 2 to PageRank 4. That means Google PageRank update is going on. The update proves that Google Page Rank is alive. You can still believe In PageRank.

Page rank is an algorithm developed by Larry Page and is used by Google as part of their algorithm for ranking website. Which means you should not ignore page rank. Most of the internal pages of Cyber World has also been updated to PR 4.

We were wanting High page Rank to credit our guest bloggers who can now get more strong link from our blog. We are very Happy with the update. We like to heartily Thanks to Our Guest Bloggers and Our readers, Without you all, we are nothing!

Do check your blog now and share your PR here. And Congratulations to the bloggers mate for their gain in PR. If you didn’t notice any changes, do build a strong backlinks from dofollow blogs. Even commenting in this post can help with a backlink but only valuable comments will be accepted.

33 thoughts on “PR Update November 2011 : Cyber World Now PR 4

  1. Congrats! Me too got promoted to PR3 🙂

    1. My blogspot blog got its PR1 to PR2. But I want to ask you that last weak I was switched my blogspot blog to my own custom domain and now if I check my domain PR its shows 0. Why it is so? At least 1 weak has been gone when I switched my blog to my custom domain. I just want to ask you that because my blog page rank is PR2 then why my custom domain shows zero?

      1. Because all the backlinks are pointing your blogspot domain. You should redirect your blogspot domain to custom domain and then wait for next PR update.

        1. Thanks for your reply. But as I early said that I have already redirect my blogspot blog to my custom domain at least 1 week before.

          1. I takes time to get redirect your backlink! it is recommended to build backlinks for your new custom domain.

  2. No Change in PR for me 🙁

  3. Oh, that’s really great PR, Isha.
    My site has PR3 now and hopefully it will get PR4 in the next update. Did you do any strategy to build links for your site?

    1. Congratulations to you too Tuan. No, never used any strategies for link building. Even i forget about building link after the previous update!!

  4. Congrats!! I too get PR 1 now earlier it was 0. 🙂 Seems things are working now.

  5. Congrats Isha!!!

    I too get increase in my PR from 0 to 2 now. 😉

  6. Cool Isha! My Page Rank didnt increase. It’s still 2!! 🙁

  7. Many Congratulation ! Its good to see some of valuable updates from Google. Many of my site also gone improved in with good Page Rank 🙂

  8. Congratulation!!!

    And it’s a time to change the image on your right sidebar from PR 2 to PR4.

    1. Thanks for reminding me! btw changed the image!

  9. Surprised to find that my site ranked to 3. I checked after reading your post. I never commented here but I always like to browse and read your brilliant articles. I would like to comment you on your hard work and PR 4 ranking!

  10. No change whatsoever 🙁 Google, starts to intrigue me at this point.

  11. My website which was started on july 20 got PR 1 today. Very excited and encouraged by this change. However just 2 days ago i had changed the geographic target in Google Webmasters. I think i could had got PR 2 but that change bought me down.

  12. Yup! I found the changes… One of my blogs is drop, from PR2 to PR1.. Two of them are still in previous PR. Another becomes PR4! Congrats for you too 🙂

  13. Indeed Google Page Rank is well and alive and another proof is my blog which hosted on blogspot is now PR2. Cheers!!!! All those hard work really is really beneficial.

  14. Oh, marvelous news! My PR now is 5!!!!!!!!!))) And that’s making me smile)

  15. Congrats Isha. Your website deserve to get Pr 4.For my website there is no change in pr.

  16. First of all congrats. But regarding page rank concept, I would like to say that it is more or less a dead concept now. As the Google’s algorithm is changing, to provide users better search results, PR is no more that important. For backlinks it still holds some value but if you are looking forward to come in search results I would suggest don’t concentrate on PR.

    1. As mentioned in the post PageRank is used by Google as part of their algorithm for ranking website. Ignoring PageRank is somehow ignoring their algorithm. Apart from that many advertiser still give reference to PageRank.

  17. Congrats Isha! Mine too got PR 4 🙂

  18. Congrats to you! Guess I’ve got a lot of work to do to go higher. DF sites are good source of backlinks but I also consider taking some time to work on NF’s too. To make my link building more natural.

  19. Hey there Isha, Congrats on getting to PR4..my blog also got updated to PR4 from PR3. Virtual High five on our similar rankings 🙂 Hope we achieve PR5 in the next update.

    1. Yes, Shiva hoping to get PR 5 in next update. Best Of luck to you as well as me! 🙂

  20. Congrats Isha on getting PR 4 … Keep up the good work

  21. Congratulations on the PR jump… it is great to gain PR4! Keep up the great work.

  22. Congratulations Pagerank 4 which is not easy to get nowadays.

  23. Congratulations !!! One of my site still has PageRank 3, and my new site has got PageRank 2 in less than two months.

  24. Congratulations. I’m a bit sceptical though about seeking high PR as a specific objective…

  25. PR2 to PR4 is good jump. Do you have any SEO strategy? Mine is PR2 for very long time.


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