blackberry vienna

Blackberry Vienna: The Android Mobile That is going to Rock 2016

BlackBerry after releasing the first Android phone last year in November, is coming up with the next device in the lineup. This Android phone from the erstwhile Querty keyboard specialist is rumored to be named as BlackBerry Vienna. Besides enhanced device capacity and more affordable price range the next BlackBerry Android phone is rumored to […]

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Photo

Asus ZenFone 2 Laser – An Auto Focus Laser Technology

What would you look for if you are ready to buy a phone, let me make a random guess!! Latest software or may be upgradable to latest one, 4G network, its internal or expandable memory, battery life, affordability, to name a few.…. and lastly, the most important, camera. I think now you can get all […]

lumia galaxy edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Microsoft Lumia 1030

Samsung successfully launched its first phablet last 2014 and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is still making a name for itself in the smartphone industry. Access to your favorite applications and controls, a 160-pixel wide strip that’s sleek and smooth, personalization options, and its unobtrusive night-time clock are just some of the interesting highlights that […]

The Leading Rough and Tough Smartphone’s

The 21st century of this modern era has become the bed for technological development. From cars to machines we have a solution for everything. Now a day’s smart phones practically run everything. Our daily life and day to day activities are all controlled by just a button. We have become mere puppets in the hands […]

Microsoft Lumia 640 review – Do more for less

Despite the onslaught of Android and iOS phones continuing in the market, a significant number of people prefer using Windows phones and this figure is expanding with each passing day. Earlier at the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft had announced the Lumia 640XL and 640 which have finally been launched in India. The price of the […]

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