Five cloud trends which would be worrisome in 2015

There are numerous emerging technologies on the rise nowadays, but cloud computing is by farthe one with the quickest adoption rate. Cloud-related services are expanding and improving with each day, but that doesn’t mean the technology doesn’t have its flaws, as pointed out by the numerous cases of data leaks from personal cloud accounts that […]

How to Monitor your Childs Cell Phone and Internet Activity

These days it’s the norm for children to have cell phones, Tablets and internet access. Whilst this has helped them to stay in touch with friends, it’s also led to many potential problems. One particular trend that is causing concern for parents around the world is ‘sexting’. Teenagers are sending nude pictures of themselves through […]

Get Media’s Deliberation at your Business by PR

It is possible to get reasonable media coverage for your business, even when that business of yours is small. But the big question now is: how can you do this, with all these bigger businesses around competing with you to get the same media attention? Now the simple answer to this question is: You can’t. […]

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