Begin your small Mobile Marketing Business

For the direction of your company, a business strategy always lay out the plans that include the goals to achieve within the business. In order to develop and grow the company, the strategy serves as your guide for making business decisions. If you are making plans to develop your business it is more than simply […]

Syncing With Trendy Mobile Apps

Today, mobile phone is more than just an interacting portable device. It has become a gadget which has the ability to carry out many tasks for which you once depended on your computer or a laptop. With continuous technological advancement, mobile application is going through a revolutionary transformation. Surfing internet, checking mails, watching movies, carrying […]

Top Ways to Save your Smartphone Battery Life

It doesn’t matter which kind of smartphone you use today, the battery life is going to be significantly reduced, in comparison to five years ago. Your device can serve as your MP3 player, camera, gaming system, sat-nav, phone and personal assistant, thanks to the handy apps being released every day. When it has enough battery […]

What iOS 6 has copied from Android?

Well, we have been presented iPhone 5 and new iOS 6 has been announced. But it should be mentioned that mostly we were concentrated on hardware. But the operating system is no less important than hardware. After the announcing of the new iOS 6 I had a feeling that I’ve heard all these innovative ideas […]

How to Keep Your Smartphone Running Smooth and Fast

A smartphone is a smart choice. You get a device that is more than just one device. It doubles up as a mini-laptop, it is a music player, a camera and lets you connect to the world in ways that are meant to save you time and effort. Some smartphones enjoy cult status for the […]

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